8 Tools for DJs That Are Redefining How DJs Play Live

The world of Disc Jockey Services and Performance are constantly evolving. With tons of new DJ Equipment being introduced day by day, the art of playing music certainly has become more professional than before. Having the right combination of hardware and software along with a creative skillset is an absolute necessity for a DJ to excel in the field of live music. Just like a guitarist needs guitar, pianist needs piano and violinist needs violin, a DJ needs the right DJ Equipment to give the music life.

Over the last decade, the universe of DJing has changed significantly. DJs now make tons of mixes by blending their skills with the various programs available on their laptops. But let me tell you, creating a mix is only half of the story. Playing these tunes live is another entity that heavily relies on the tools at your disposal. These tools help you perform at your best, augmenting the art of engaging the audience.

For you, we have compiled a list of best DJ Equipment, which will not only help those who are just starting their careers, but will also help the professional DJs who want to upgrade or add more into their arsenal.

Top 8 DJ Equipment that can boost your live performance

1. DJ Headphones

One of the most important tools that a DJ can never leave out of his toolkit is their headphones. Your headphones are something that will always stay with you no matter where you are. From simply listening to music in your home to performing your mixes at a live event, headphones are a must-have item when it comes to DJ equipment.

However, choosing the right headphones can be a strenuous and time-taking task. There is a huge variety available in the market. But don’t worry! We got you. Our goal is to make this task as simple as we can so that you choose the best DJ Headphones for yourself.

The first thing we need to understand is the difference between regular headphones and DJ headphones. Regular headphones mostly focus on only one aspect. But when it comes to headphones specific for DJs, each and every aspect needs attention. Before making a choice, let us go through some basic questions that might be in your mind;

  • How exactly should DJ Headphones sound? These headphones come with diversity in sound quality. Some provide extra bass and some come with the equilibrium between bass and treble. It all comes down to your personal preference. For bass lovers, HDJ X7-S is an excellent choice that offers extended bass coupled with a lightweight design enabling you to listen to high-quality music for hours.
  • Are you ready to spend extra bucks for Noise Cancellation? --- Performing live in a large event can be extremely challenging without Noise Cancellation. All professional DJs would definitely want this feature in their headphones even if they have to pay a few extra bucks for it.
  • Comfort, Design, and Durability- What is more important? Having to wear headphones for hours and hours while making mash-ups is not easy if you do not have a comfortable set of headphones. This ultimately reflects back to the design which is not only important to provide comfort, but also important to have a good built quality that can make your device last longer. All three qualities are a key when it comes to this DJ equipment.

Once you have the answers to all the FAQs, Hollywood DJ can easily help you select the right DJ Headphones for you.

2. DJ MIDI Controllers

MIDI Controllers have revolutionized the DJ World. They have become one of the most valuable items in a DJ’s gearbox. Since its origin, professional DJs have been using controllers to mix music and create tunes.

We all know how complex mixing music is. First, you need a good grasp on the basics of music. By using that knowledge, you will then use this specific DJ equipment to compile a tune that can be played live. These controllers have various components such as knobs, fades, keys, jog wheels and encoders etc. that allows its user to have complete control in their hands. Hence, MIDI Controllers play a pivotal role in a DJ’s world. As a new budding DJ, you definitely would not want to miss out on this tool.

We bring you a compilation of the best MIDI Controllers that are not only going to help beginners but will also end up helping expert DJs who want to upgrade their inventory. Choosing a MIDI Controller can get tricky especially if you are buying it for the first time. The market is extremely huge and has an overwhelming amount of diversity. I would recommend you to start with Samson Graphite 25. It is relatively cheap, ideal in size and offers USB support that makes it perfect for all those new emerging DJs out there.

3. DJ Microphones

A good microphone can make or break your DJ career. Producing high-quality tunes requires high-quality DJ equipment. Without a decent microphone, you might not be able to make the top-notch music and tunes you want to.

Mics are as crucial for DJs as they are for singers. These days DJs bring their mics at their gigs with them all the time. Using good quality DJ Microphones is important for live events as you can not only make clear communication with the crowd, but can also have occasional singing performances to cheer up the audience. When the time is right, a microphone can definitely become handy on stage.

There are basically two types of DJ Microphones; dynamic and condenser. Dynamic mics are generally used in clubs or concerts. These microphones are known for their immense power and loud output and end up producing minimal to no distortion even at very high volumes. On the other hand, condenser microphones are mostly used in studios where wide frequency is what matters the most.

Once you know what it is exactly that you’re looking for, choosing a DJ Microphone will be extremely easy for you from our varying array of mic collection. Some are wireless and some are not. It all comes down to your personal preference and your career style. Microphones are relatively cheap and they are something that you should never leave out of your DJ Equipment arsenal.

4. DJ Speakers

Your performance massively depends on the type of speakers you use. All the music that you’ve created can go to waste if you don’t use the appropriate and proper DJ Speakers. A beautiful tune should also sound equally beautiful, which cannot happen if you don’t use good quality speakers.

PA (Public Address) Speakers are recommended for all DJs that perform at large parties and events. Its integrated setup makes sure that each and every person in the crowd hears the tunes at its best. They are designed to provide loud audio without compromising on the quality of music. As a professional, you can easily use them on any occasion. Whether you are performing in a house party or at a public concert, you should never go without PA DJ Speakers.

Before selecting a speaker, you should consider a few things;

  • The size of your audience
  • The area or space where you are supposed to perform
  • Your budget, for sure.

If you are going to perform in front of a huge crowd and are provided with an ample amount of space, you should definitely go for a speaker with high power-rating (Watts). Generally speaking, the higher the rating the louder the speaker. For small house parties, only a 200 Watts speaker can suffice but for hundreds of people, we recommend that you get a minimum of a 1000 Watts speaker. The size of your woofer cone should also be huge for a larger audience. 10-12” woofers are generally recommended in this situation where you have a large crowd to entertain. You can also get extra bass by adding subwoofers. Once you have all this figured out and you know how much you can spend on it, you can easily select DJ Speakers from our DJ equipment variety here.

5. DJ Mixers

Mixer is one of the key DJ Equipment pieces that can be the differentiating factor between a professional DJ system and a home-based music system. With DJ Mixers, you can mix and manipulate different tracks according to your style. There are multiple input and output ports on Mixers that allow you to add various tunes in your music directory and shape them as you want to create that perfect tune.

If you want to up your DJ game and do not mind spending money to do it, getting a DJ Mixer will surely help your cause. Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 is one the market leaders when it comes to DJ Mixers. Its 64-bit mixing processor allows you to have a smooth and unique sound experience. You can check out more from our huge collection of DJ Mixers available for experts as well as beginners ranging from as low as $250 to $2500.

6. DJ Turntables

Digital software can never replace the vibrant sound of real vinyl DJ Turntables. The vibe you can bring with your vinyl turntables is unmatched. Whenever you see a turntable on a DJ’s Booth, you just know he is the real deal. Modern controllers also come with turntables as well, but the crisp sound that vinyl turntables offer can easily light up your live performance like nothing else.

Buying a vinyl turntable is simple once you know your needs and style. If you prefer to have complete control on what you play, manual turntable is the way to go. You will have to lift or lower the tonearm manually while playing the record. However, if you want to avoid that and want that to be done with a single button press, then you should go with an automatic turntable. There is another type known as Direct Drive DJ Turntables that are spun by a motor rather than the traditional belt-drive. DJs mostly recommend this type due to its precision and durability.

Technics SL-1200MK7 has always been DJs’ favorite due to its beautiful design, innovative features and amazing performance. This direct drive model is loved by experts as well as beginners. Having stayed on top for more than 11 years, the SL-1200 should definitely be your first choice. DJ Turntables will always be superior to controller turntables because of its emotional value and will always have a special place in a DJ’s heart.

7. DJ Facades, Booths and Podium

Adding DJ Facades and Podium DJ equipment gives you a classic DJ Look that can impress your audience even before you play the music. DJs have been using them to give a funky touch to their stage.

  • DJ Booths and Facades

Have you ever seen those color changing booths while the DJ plays his music? That’s due to the DJ Facades. They have become a hot trend these days. Facades not only take less space but also cover the front, hiding your wires etc. in a very convenient manner. It provides you with the perfect lighting setup taking your overall look to another level.

  • DJ Podiums

Podiums and tables give you a professional appearance while keeping your DJ equipment secure and at a comfortable height so you don’t have to crouch during your live action. These podiums are available in different sizes giving you the option to select one according to your requirement.

It again comes down to your personal preference. Having DJ Booths and podiums is not necessary, but DJs have been using them to make their gigs more appealing. They are extremely lightweight, easy to set up and take minimal space. These qualities become handy especially when you have a tight space to set up your stage.

8. Other DJ Equipment to amp-up your live action

Few other DJ Equipment pieces that can become convenient include;

1. DJ Lighting Bars

A good lighting equipment piece is key to creating the optimum environment that allows your audience to enjoy to the max. Lighting bars can easily add charisma to the space and create the ideal ambience that allows you as a DJ to perform at your best.

2. DJ Cases and bags

Who says you have to compromise on convenience to give a great performance as a DJ? Good quality DJ Cases and bags are an asset for all DJs whether amateur or high-end professionals who have been performing for years. This is because they help you gather all your equipment and collectibles in one easy to travel accessory so you’re always ready to give your DJ duties your all, even on the go!



By now, you should have a pretty good idea about the different types of DJ equipment you can possess to run your DJ show. Choosing the best gear that suits your style and your wallet, now depends on you. As a DJ, you can never have enough equipment. You will always be wanting to add more in your bag.

Hollywood DJ brings you a varying array of tools providing you with the opportunity to select the finest product for yourself at a price that works best for you.

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