BASSBOSS DIAMON 112 Single 12″ Powered Top

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Stylish, Confident, Adaptable

The DiaMon 112 is a very compact, high-output, self-powered loudspeaker. The DiaMon 112 can be used with up to two double 18” subwoofers for each cabinet, and deliver all the mid-high you need to keep up with them. As a DJ monitor it provides tight, punchy performance and doesn’t distort at extremely high levels.

Co-Axial Powerhouse

Because the tweeter exits through the middle of the woofer, the extra area that the tweeter would ordinarily take up on the front of the loudspeaker is eliminated, which helps make the DiaMon extremely compact. It’s barely bigger than a 12” woofer but also incorporates a 1.4” exit compression driver with a 3” voice coil.

The DiaMon 112 includes a 1500-watt Class D Power soft amplifier with built-in digital signal processing, is bi-amped and has a full complement of protections, limiters and equalizers that ensure consistent, accurate and reliable operation. It is fully self-contained and needs no more than power and signal to be ready to go.

Tiny Monster

Even though the box is very small and very lightweight, there is nothing small or lightweight about its performance. This box is literally packed with the best components and technology money can buy, the whole point of which is to do more with less. The output of this little box is totally out of proportion to its size. It’s extremely loud, but it’s capable of being loud, not struggling to be loud. It sounds much bigger than it looks and has the ability to maintain crystal clarity even at the upper limits of its very remarkable capabilities.

Just Add Subs

The DiaMon 112 is a mid-high loudspeaker, so in order to deliver the BASSBOSS experience with full system sound it’s best to combine it with a very powerful BASSBOSS subwoofer. It has the output to keep up with several subs and for system usage is intended to be mounted on a pole-stand above one or more BASSBOSS subs. Used with a subwoofer system, the DiaMon is an extraordinarily size-conscious and yet very powerful main speaker.

In-Phase Freak

Any speaker that has the tweeter horizontally or vertically offset from the mid-frequency driver produces very different response as one move through its coverage area from the tweeter side to the woofer side. This is due to the different distances the sound has to travel to reach the ears. Due to the co-axial construction the path length difference between lows and highs is the same in any direction, allowing extremely consistent off-axis response regardless of which direction you move away from directly on center.


The DiaMon 112 has a unique angle-cut corner that allows it to be placed on a table and used as a DJ monitor without pole mounting. It also has a securely attaching threaded pole-mounting system for when it is used attached to a socket-equipped BASSBOSS subwoofer or on a similarly equipped tripod stand. An adjustable mount bracket is also available for alternative placements and for permanent installations on walls or ceilings.

Monster Main

As a main speaker, the DiaMon 112 can be used with two double 18” subwoofers and deliver all the mid-high you need to keep up with them. As a DJ monitor it provides tight, punchy performance and doesn’t distort at high levels. As a live reinforcement speaker, this versatile box provides consistent sound quality over a wide dispersion pattern with excellent resistance to feedback.

Product Specifications:

Loudspeaker Description: 12-inch co-axial, bi-amplified, self-powered top and monitor

Frequency Response (±3 dB): 80-18,000 Hz (full range)

Maximum Sustained Output: 123 dB SPL, 1m, 2pi, half-space

Max SPL (Peak): 133 dB

Nominal Dispersion (H° x V°): 80 x 80 (Conical)

Amplification: 1500-Watt 2 Channel Power soft Class D Amplifier

Processing: Integrated comprehensive DSP provides high pass, low pass, equalization, phase alignment and limiting

Enclosure Type: 2-way mid-high. Direct radiating vented 12″ LF, co-axial horn-loaded HF

Transducer (Low Frequency): 1 x 12 in. diameter (300 mm) neodymium motor woofer with 3 in. (76 mm) copper winding voice coil

Transducer (High Frequency): 1 x 3 in. (76 mm) diaphragm compression driver on 1.4 in. throat concentrically mounted wave guide

Cabinet Construction: 16 mm Baltic Birch plywood. Equipped with an integrated handle and a 35 mm pole socket mount

Dimensions (HxWxD): 14 in. x 14 in. x 11.5 in.

Net Weight: 30.6 lbs

Shipping Weight: 36 lbs

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