ProX XZF-DIG-SD7 D Easy Retracting Hydraulic Lift DJ Case for Digico SD7 DJ Mixing Console

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The ProX Exclusive XZF-DIG-SD7 D is a Flip-Ready Detachable Easy Retracting Hydraulic Lift Case for Digico SD7 Digital Mixing Console by ZCase. These cases for digital audio consoles are designed and built to make transport and setup quick and very easy.  No more lifting heavy consoles into place on a table or stand.  The patented hydraulic lift system provides easy movement from a vertical transport position to the horizontal operational position using just one finger.  A heavy plywood base between the case and the four heavy-duty locking casters protects the case and equipment during transport. 

The lower doors opening the storage area have magnetic catches to hold them open, during the movement of the console, to protect the doors.  The rotational mechanism attached to the mounting plate uses gas springs which also suppresses all vibrations generated by transport by means of Vibro-insulators attached to the mounting plate and the sidewalls of the case body. Each case has a large doghouse area with recessed latches on the cover as well as engraved wood side panels that are custom-fitted to retain the console firmly in the case.

The Flip-Ready by ZCase cases are manufactured in Poland and are handcrafted for quality control and individually tested for smooth operation. For years Audio Engineers have faced the challenge of setting up heavy mixers, many times without adequate help.  The Flip-Ready by ZCase design allows for easy, one person, instead of four, movement from the transport position to the operational position with virtually no effort.  No other case matches the quality and operational convenience of the Flip-Ready by ZCase from ProX Live Performance Gear.

Product Specifications:

To Fit: Fits Digico SD7 w/ Detachable Mechanism

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