Best 6 DJ Headphones Under $200

What headphones do DJs use? 

Any good sound requires careful planning. For DJs, listening, iterating, and redefining their music at every step is crucial. Picking up the subtle nuances of music is something that our ears alone cannot do for us. Relying on the best DJ headphones to get the job done is perhaps what every music maker needs to think about more. Whether you are a hard-core music fan or a professional musician, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding the right pair. So let us make your lives easier!

Looking for a reliable upgrade for your endeavor but within budget? or finding yourself your first set of DJ headphones but simultaneously seeking recommendations for the fool-proof ones? 

We have you covered.

Our research on the best 6 DJ headphones suggests you can grab the fiercest of DJ arsenals at the most affordable of prices.


With just a little insight into what to look for in the DJ gear. Today, we’re helping you out with DJ headphones. If you’re ready, here we go:

Best 6 DJ Headphones Under $200

DJ-ing is incomplete and impossible without the right set of headphones. It is no secret that picking up the minutest of cue points and waveforms, changing the tempo to match the beat, and mixing it up, such that the quality remains intact defines the competence level of a DJ. And without appropriate headphones, those attributes remain unachievable.

But is it always a big-brand-expensive-much pair that does wonders for your craft?


From our experience and others’, excellence doesn’t come with a price tag. DJ’s depending on good headphones really need not look for high-end ones. All they need to look for is the following combo of brand name, and offered specs to take on the DJ world:

The Shure SRH240A Headphones

Classic yet chic, this carefully designed circumaural closed-back headphone set is definitely a winner. Offering incredible sound reproduction and comfort that beats all, Shure SRH240A is a true game-changer. It is ideal for recording, replaying, mixing, and even calibrating all kinds of music compositions. These scores an A on our best 6 DJ headphones test for being super comfortable, highly professional, great for noise cancellation, and of course being under $200.  Some features that stand out to us and DJ-ing enthusiasts are:

  • Superior delivery of bass and detailed notes including the highs. 
  • Premium power handling and sensitive nature towards all personal and commercial audio devices.
  • ¼” nickel-plated adapter to accompany.
  • Closed-back for better sound isolation.
  • Assumes an ergonomically designed headband style with padded ear cups. 
  • Endures everyday rigor and poses durability while also being super comfortable and easy to handle. 

Usually accompanied by a 2-year warranty, this headphone set is definitely a good bid!

Shure SRH240A Headphones - Hollywood DJ

The Shure SRH750DJ Headphones

Well rated and popularly chosen, the Shure SRH750DJ headphones claim to be nothing short of a magic starter for DJ endeavors. And to be honest, we agree!

Making it to our list of the best 6 DJ headphones, these mighty world-class performance enhancers are a must-have for all beginners and professionals. This headphone set is optimized by the company, proving to be the ultimate choice for one’s looking for high impedance and maximized power handling. With an MSRP of $149, this beast is a much higher-rated gear offering enhanced frequency response, high output bass, and supremely extended highs for the best experience. 

The features we deem most critical to its popularity are:

  • Swivel 90 degrees ear cups for comfort and convenience with Bayonet clips for secure locking of the headpiece in place. 
  • Appropriate for mixing.
  • Blocks background noise perfectly.
  • Ideal collapsible and adjustable headband. 
  • Comes with replacement ear pads, a storage bag, and a company granted 2-year warranty. 

Not too inexpensive but definitely a great buy within a budget limit, this reliable pick from our best 6 DJ headphones list is a good investment to make.

Shure SRH750DJ Headphones - Hollywood DJ

The Reloop SHP-8 Headphones

Another one of our all-time favorites is the Reloop SHP-8. These headphones surpass conventional ones in their value-adding features that leave all DJs with an insatiable appetite for better performances and leaves the audience with a hunger for more power-packed DJ-ing. 

Designed especially for studio and monitoring indulgences, this one of our best 6 DJ headphone picks is a showstopper on its own. WIth this one buy, you are bound to master the art of DJing. What we particularly like about this Reloop beast is:

  • Ergonomic closed-back construct with passive bass amplification. 
  • The passive bass amplification technology allows the accentuation technology to work wonders for music creation and mixing.
  • Works great with low frequencies when precise reproduction is the need.
  • Rotatable yet comfortable and added ear cups.
  • Industrial grade manufacturing featuring a sturdy make with aluminum.
  • A stylish gunmetal finish.
  • Utilizes a 3.5mm superior quality stereo jack cable which is also gold plated and highly flexible ensuring convenience during use. 
  • The connection cable features a spring-loaded bed protection design, making the cord unbreakable. 
  • Comes with a velvet bag for the longevity of use and ease of storage.

Created for balanced yet accentuated sound lovers, this set retails for $130. Dive in and grab this techno giant production ASAP!

Reloop SHP-8 Headphones - Hollywood DJ

The Reloop Headphones RHP20

 Halfway through our suggestions, we introduce you to the Reloop Headphones, RHP20 majesty! We call it majesty because this pair truly has what it takes to rule the best headphones for the DJing kingdom!

With impressive aesthetics, elite sound quality, and acoustically balanced production for amateurs and professionals, this one from our best 6 DJ headphones is a steal deal. Oh, not to mention - the $130 MSRP adds to the value of the deal.  

What makes these headphones a favorable pick for DJs is their ability to cater to every aspect of sound reproduction. From clear frequency separation to offering comfort like no other, this brings it all. From all of its benefits, what stands out to us most is:

  • Curated especially for high audio output.
  • Offers an ideal balance of mids, highs, bass and guarantees clarity through frequency isolation.
  • Sturdy hinge addition makes rotating of the ear cup easier while the aluminum and hard rubber make of the band allows comfort to be dwelled upon for a lifetime of use.
  • Sustains wear and tear like no other and ensures a warranty depending on the deal you choose.
  • Memory foam padding and robust construction with fine protein leather guaranteeing superior protection for your ears.
  • Great sound isolation and noise cancellation with lightweights to keep up with longer nights. 

While comparable in price to the market high-ends, this one is a superstar among all, which bags compliments you and your craft!

Reloop Headphones RHP20 - Hollywood DJ

The Direct Sound SP34 Headphones

Promising a pristine sound quality, we introduce you to another major trendsetter. This is the Direct Sound SP34 from our best 6 DJ headphones list and we honestly vowed ourselves to it for its unrivaled performance in every setting. Be it a home-based DIY endeavor or a large-scale event, this one is sure to make it a success.  This one offers:

  • Foldability and lightweightness make it favorable for everyday use.
  • Poses convenient for storage as well.
  • Ergonomically designed, anti-stress ear cups.
  • Environmentally responsible natural passive isolation.
  • Works without batteries.
  • A 33.4 Db passive attenuation and a high precision audio (HPA) guarantee.
  • Superior mixing with mid and high frequencies with great bass output.
  • Retails for $170 with a warranty of a lifetime.

If you are someone who wants comfort and a quality blend, this should be your ultimate choice!

Direct Sound SP34 Headphones - Hollywood DJ

The Direct Sound EX29 Plus Headphones

Our last recommendation, but not necessarily the least in importance, is the legendary noise isolating Direct Sound EX29 Plus headphones. This set offers a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz and fidelity response HPA for you to enjoy. Bringing flexibility and adaptability with it, the set allows it's premium detachable cable to eliminate work hindrances. Together with a passive attenuation of 36.7 Db, this firestarter is definitely one of our most loved picks from the best 6 DJ headphones. All in just $140, we love how it delivers just about everything. Some of the features we truly appreciate the company for including are:

  • Enhanced mobility with greater comfort.
  • Re-designed universal headband.
  • Superior noise isolation improved mixing frequencies.
  • Incredible sound quality with dynamic closed-back speakers.
  • Ultra sensitive with 114 dB at 1KHz 1 mW sensitivity.
  • E-Z channel identifier for precision. 
  • One-year warranty and guarantee of easy repairability. 

Expanding boundaries of connectivity and unveiling an entire arena of possibilities for you, this headphone set is a pick we suggest you invest in. 

So, with the list ended, is there something more we want you to know?

Direct Sound EX29 Plus Headphones - Hollywood DJ

How To Pick Your Gear from the Best 6 DJ Headphones Recommendations

In the DJ world, there’s no “one-fits-all” kind of recipe to success. The secret ingredient however is finding the correct gear for the project. While we highly recommend Hollywood DJ for their exceptional selection of the best headphones for DJ-ing, we also recommend them for other DJ packages. These packages are holistic, easy on the pocket, and definitely worth investing in. If you are, nonetheless, a beginner wanting to start somewhere small, you can explore their combo sets and find all of our best 6 DJ headphones picks coupled with superior quality microphones, packaged together as a value set. From the best Bluetooth DJ headphones to all the wonderful conventional ones mentioned above, you’re bound to find the best-suited gear at DJ Hollywood.

For other tips, here’s what we have for you:

Pro Tips for the Beginners

While you’re on the hunt, we might as well offer you some useful insight. For beginners, it is important to understand what makes headphones qualifiable. Below are a few attributes to look for when purchasing the gear – each of which is a prominent quality in the best 6 DJ headphones we recommended.

  • Reliable Sound Isolation

The best 6 DJ headphones recommended above all have one thing in common:

reliable sound isolation.

Without a fraction of a doubt, credible headphones are the ones that can serve as an extension for what our ears lack. Speakers, background noise, and other distractions can make playback sound hard to gauge. This is perhaps why sound isolation is a key component in any good headgear. Moreover, creating sound requires full focus and dedication, so canceling out any unwanted background sounds can only boost your creative processes. Of course, for beginners, a lack of dedicated studio spaces can lead to heightened unproductivity. This is precisely what the best DJ headphones 2021 are deemed appropriate for.

Any good output system needs to be able to pick up the highs and the lows of each tone. Commercial headphones do very little to capture the full range of the audible spectrum and tend to distort louder sounds and diminish softer ones. Of course, that won’t do when it comes to finding the best headphones for DJs that’ll stay true to your music. To any track justice, surveying and making sure it sounds exactly like it’s supposed to be integral for newbies and professionals alike. 

  • Comfortable to Wear

If you’ve ever hosted a gig or worked on a track, you probably know how much time each and every process takes. To do this process, and yourself, justice it is important to remain as comfortable as possible. Cheaply made headphones can perhaps meet your short-term goals, but at a detrimental cost to your long-term ones. Uncomfortable headgear can actually wear you and your creative process out and if getting the job done is what you need to do, then investing in comfortable, durable makes are paramount. Moreover, none of this can be at the cost of quality because whether you spend $200 or $2,000, your product should last.

And FYI, reviews suggest that our picks for the best 6 DJ headphones do last!

Moving on, when you’ve understood the pointers above. It’s time to take your pick!

But wait, here’s a final takeaway for you. 

  • A Final Takeaway

A noteworthy price tag or a few pomps and show branding gigs may not guarantee the success of your DJ career. What guarantees excellence is the understanding of the craft and what enhances it. 

Let our best 6 DJ headphones list be the starting point.

All considered any good sound requires careful planning. For DJs, listening, iterating, and redefining their music at every step is crucial. Picking up the subtle nuances of music is something that our ears alone cannot do for us, and of course, DJs are no exception, given that they are one of us. To ensure the success of a DJ-ing endeavor, however, they must invest in good

headphones. Our best budget DJ headphones list is the right place to begin the hunt from. 

Again, finding the best budget DJ headphones is a grueling task when markets are flooded with option after option. However, what we promised, we delivered. All of our best 6 DJ headphones picks are not only incredibly worthy of applause, but also under $200. So, whether you’re starting out or looking to expand, be sure to take notes and decide on a budget-friendly yet studded with potential gear for your project.

Whether you are a hard-core DJ or a beginner wandering around looking for solutions to making music, get your hands on the recommendations. They are bound to surpass your expectations.

So, get ready, set, and go!

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