What is the best DJ equipment for a beginner?

The days of turntables and traditional DJ coffins have made way for more modern digital DJ controllers with everything built-in. The world of DJing has changed a lot over the last decade and we can help you find the right equipment for your style and skill level. Learn more about what you need as a beginner DJ here.

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Beginner DJ Equipment

For a basic DJ setup, it's best to start with a laptop and a simple controller like a Pioneer DDJ200 or DDJ800 controller. These dj controllers hook up directly to your laptop, have all the basic features you need, and are not overly complicated.


There are two major software's ruling the DJ world, Serato DJ Pro and Recordbox. The most compatible and most common dj software is Serato Pro. Once you learn it you'll be able to use it fluidly with most of the compatible controllers. Recordbox is less popular and less compatible and comes with some DJ controllers standard.

Add some high-quality DJ headphones that are made for DJing and you've got your initial dj setup. Make sure you use a decent laptop that's not too dated or full of software. You may find setting the laptop back to factory defaults and only installing the software you need will help with any performance issues.

Professional DJ controllers can cost thousands of dollars so if you're unsure of how serious you are, start with the above recommendations.

DJ Speakers

There are two kinds of DJ speakers, performance and studio. The performance speakers are basically loudspeakers or PA speakers that are going to rock the house, made for a club with lots of bass. If you're planning on doing house parties or events where they don't have a PA system you'll need some kind of DJ Speakers.

Studio speakers or Studio Monitors are meant for practicing and recording at home or recording studio etc. Studio Monitors aren't meant for extremely high SPL volume levels and shouldn't be used for house parties, use performance PA speaker equipment for that.

Turntables vs Digital DJ Controller

As mentioned above, digital DJ Controllers have become very popular. So do DJ's use turntables anymore? The answer is clearly yes.

It's much easier to start DJing using a controller so I recommend you start there. It's also much cheaper to start with an all-in-one DJ Controller or Laptop with DJ Controller when you're starting out.

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