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There are many different lights for a DJ's arsenal. To put on an amazing show you'll need to have at least a basic DJ lighting setup. We have some all in one DJ lighting packages called the Chauvet DJ Gigbar Move. Another great tool for DJ Lighting is a laser with a Hazer or Fog Machine to make the lights pop DJ Laser Lights.

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We have a huge selection of DJ Lighting effects and DJ controllers to make your show look amazing, from moving head lights and Chauvet DJ Freedom Uplights to Scorpion Laser Lights and traditional and moving head spotlights! We specialize in Stage and DJ lighting and have tons of lighting systems in stock at our Los Angeles, CA warehouse. Call us if you have questions or don't see what you're looking for, we probably have it 800-700-4542.

Chauvet DJ Lighting

Don't forget a fog machine or hazer unit to make your effect lighting really pop. Your stage lights will only look so good without at least some haze or fog at your event. Haze is a great way to make your lights look great and the client won't notice it as much as they would traditional fog machines and also if you've got customers with asthma sensitivities or respiratory concerns you'll want to use a Hazer like the Chauvet DJ Haze2D which is water-based. If you find a lower price just give us a call, we're happy to beat it no problem. More importantly, we're here to help you get the right DJ gear you to your door. Call us anytime 800-700-4542.