How to buy a new DJ Controller - Top 10 questions answered

When choosing a DJ controller don't buy the wrong controller and waste your money. It's important to understand the basic features especially if you're a beginner DJ looking to get started or upgrade from your first DJ Controller. Note you'll need a laptop to use any of these DJ Controllers. 

Top 10 questions for DJ Controllers we answer at our DJ Shop

What type of DJing will you be doing?

Different controllers are better suited for different styles of DJing, such as club DJing, scratching, live performance, etc.

Make sure your DJ Controller can allow the type of performance you'll be doing. For example if you want super badass Jog Wheels for scratching or ultimate control and feel... make sure you checkout the DDJ1000 with mechanical jog wheels, the other models below have standard digital jog wheels.

How many DJ Controller channels do you need? Do I really need 4 channels?

A controller with more channels allows you to mix and match more tracks at the same time, but also will cost more so make sure you actually need a 4 channel controller. For most beginners a 2 channel dj controller is fine.

Does the controller come with a built-in sound card?

Some controllers have a built-in sound card, which can be convenient, but may not offer as high quality audio as a separate, external sound card.


Is the controller compatible with your DJ software?

Make sure the controller is compatible with the DJ software you plan to use, as different controllers may support different software. Serato DJ or Rekordbox are the two common softwares, some DJ Controllers can use either. 

Does the controller have enough inputs and outputs for your needs?

Consider whether the controller has enough inputs and outputs for your preferred setup, such as turntables, microphones, or other equipment.

How portable is the controller?

If you plan to travel with your controller, you may want to consider its size and weight. If you want to DJ while you travel or on the go checkout some of the smaller more portable DJ Controllers like the Pioneer FLX4 Controller

Is the controller well-built and durable?

Look for a controller that is made of high-quality materials and has a reputation for being reliable. Pioneer makes some of the most trusted DJ Controllers on the market and we highly recommend them. Other popular DJ Controller brands are Reloop and Denon and Hercules controllers are a great value for the price point.

Does the DJ controller model have a good review and reputation among users and reviewers?

Read online reviews and ask other DJs for their recommendations to get a sense of the controller's performance and reliability.

What is the price range of the controller?

DJ controllers can range significantly in price, so consider your budget and what features are most important to you. Do you really need a 4 Channel controller? Does an All-in-one Standalone type controller like an XDJ-XZ DJ controller make sense for me?

Does the controller come with any additional features or hardware?

Some controllers may come with additional features such as built-in drum pads or effects processors, or may include additional hardware such as DJ headphones or speakers. Consider whether these features are important to you and whether they are worth the extra cost.

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Pioneer DJ Controllers Compared REV1, FLX4, FLX6, DDJ800 and DDJ1000

Here is a comparison of the key features of the Pioneer Rev1, FLX4, FLX6, DDJ800, and DDJ1000 DJ controllers, highlighting the features that are unique to each controller:

Pioneer Rev1:

  • 2 channels
  • Built-in FX processor
  • Touch-sensitive jog wheels
  • Large, high-resolution display
  • Compatible Rekordbox Sofware only
  • Unique features: High-resolution display, touch-sensitive jog wheels, built-in FX processor


  • 2 channels (compact design)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Great for live streaming your set with USB audio output for microphone
  • Smart Mixing Auto volume, bass volume, BPM matching, easy mode
  • Use with Rekordbox Software or Serato DJ Pro (purchased separately)
  • Compact and portable size
  • Touch-sensitive jog wheels, built-in FX processor


  • 4 channels (full size design with full size jog wheels, not compact)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Great for live streaming your set with USB audio output for microphone
  • Smart Mixing Auto volume, bass volume, BPM matching, easy mode
  • Rekordbox Software with option for Serato DJ Pro (purchased separately) Virtual DJ, and Traktor Pro is available using a custom mapping. 
  • Touch-sensitive jog wheels, built-in FX processor


  • 2 channels
  • Compact Design with pro features
  • Uses Recordbox DJ Sofware
  • Jog Wheel Display, and Beat FX
  • Jog wheel "feeling adjust" for fine tuning the resistance
  • Great for smaller venues
  • Performance Pads
  • Audio Mixer feature for external sources using Rekordbox
  • Club Style layout much like using a pro NXS2 setup
  • Doesn't have full size job wheels but is very portable
  • Mic Feedback Reducer built in
  • Touch-sensitive jog wheels, built-in FX processor


  • 4 channels: The DDJ1000 has four channels, which allows you to mix and match more tracks at the same time like adding physical turntables or additional media players.

  • Mechanical FULL SIZE Jog Wheels - more complex and mimics the feel of a turntable DDJ800 doesn't have this.
  • MAGVEL Fader - high performance fader system DDJ800 doesn't have this.

  • Superior Faders than the DDJ800
  • 2 USB Slots for Multiple Laptops (DDJ800 doesn't have this)
  • DDJ1000 standard uses Rekordbox but there is an alternate version DDJ1000 SRT that uses Serato (see DDJ1000 differences here)
  • New Beat FX built in to add excitement to vibe (Pitch, Filter, Dub Echo and Noise,Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw, Mobius Triangle and Low Cut Echo)
  • Performance Pads
  • Large, high-resolution display: The DDJ1000 has a large, high-resolution display, which can be helpful when working with complex DJ software and navigating through your music library.

  • Club Style layout much like using a pro NXS2 setup
  • Touch-sensitive jog wheels: The DDJ1000 has touch-sensitive jog wheels, which allow you to manipulate tracks and control effects in a more tactile and intuitive way.

Overall, the Rev1 has a high-resolution display and touch-sensitive jog wheels and is a well-suited basic controller for club-style DJing and beginners at a great price.


The FLX4 and FLX6 are compact and portable controllers with touch-sensitive jog wheels and built-in FX processors, making them well-suited for beginner and intermediate DJs. The main difference is the FLX6-GT which has 4 channels and full size jog wheels.

The DDJ800 has touch-sensitive jog wheels and a built-in FX processor in a compact design, while the DDJ1000 has a larger physical design footprint, is heavier, has high-resolution display, and full size badass mechanical jog wheels.

Our full line of instock Pioneer DJ Controllers is listed here

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