6 Best DJ Speakers for House Parties

Popular opinion would suggest that house parties are the perfect way to unwind after a hectic week at work. Whether you’re hosting one or DJing one, having the best gear to make it a raging success is paramount. To set the right tone it only makes sense to use the right kind of music. With great volume comes great responsibility and the last thing you need is distorted sound. And what better way to do your pop songs justice than with some of the best DJ speakers for house parties? If you pick any of our popular choices for your next rager, rest assured your guests will not be disappointed. However, some neighbors may not love your choice of speaker, and in our opinion, that means you threw the best kind of party! Without further ado, let’s introduce the best DJ speaker systems you need ASAP. 

Let’s get this party started!

DAS Audio DJ PA Speakers

DAS Audio Altea-712A Powered Speaker System

DAS, is a European speaker company making some really excellent sounding high-end PA speakers. The Altea offers an easy Bluetooth setup option and boasts a powerful 12-inch woofer that will deliver solid bass in a small room. These can be used as a single or dual for stereo sound for a larger house party. DAS also offers a Subwoofer for slamming bass. This is by far the highest quality of the system mentioned in this article if you have the budget. 

Technical Specifications 

  • 12 Inch Woofer
  • 1 inch Horn
  • 1500 Watt Amplifier
  • Bluetooth and XLR/TRS Connect
  • LED Speaker Illumination
  • Connect Multiple Speakers Together
  • High Definition Music Streaming
  • Detachable AC Power Cord


  • Controls and ports built into the rear. 
  • Built in Audio Management DSP with Screen
  • Can be placed side-ways or standing up or wedge style

Unique Features

  • Onboard Audio Management and Mic Inputs
  • Exceptionally Clear Sound Quality



    Soundbox 2 Bluetooth Speaker

    Our first contender is the Soundboks 2, which not only boasts an under 10 second setup time but also provides surround sound for 100+ guests. What more could make this the best DJ speaker for home and party use?   

    Technical Specifications 

    • Frequency Range of 40Hz - 20kHz
    • 2 x 96dB 10” (Ø254mm) woofers
    • 1 x 96dB 1” (Ø25mm) neodymium silk dome tweeter
    • Merus Audio eximo® amp switching
    • 3 x 72Wrms class D amplifier
    • Advanced DSP
    • Dynamic DC/DC Boost Converter 
    • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity (up to 60’ range)
    • Weighs 33 lbs.


    • A unique blend of solid birch cabinets and a sturdy aluminum frame.
    • Slotted ports keep the batteries in place. 
    • Lithium iron phosphate cells require little maintenance over time.

    Unique Features 

    • Swappable battery pack that lasts up to 40 hours, lending it the best DJ speakers for house parties that go into the night. 
    • Delivering 122 dB of audio makes this speaker system one of the loudest finds on our list. 
    • Very minimal 3.5 hour recharge time that can benefit everyone on a time-crunch. 

    Diamondboxx Model XL2 Speaker

    Next up is this crowd favorite by Diamondboxx that will certainly take your party throwing skills to the next level (and more). The Model XL2 uses the same batteries that Tesla uses, so trust us when we say that this speaker system means business.

    Technical Specifications 

    • Frequency Response 35Hz - 22,000Hz +/- 3dB
    • 12 amplifiers @ 83 Watts each
    • 1000 Watts Total Max Power
    • 6 Subwoofers / Mid-Woofers (More bass than two 10 inch woofers, and better sounding)
    • 8 high output tweeters 
    • 24 cell or 48 cell newest generation Li-ion battery pack
    • Weighs 41-43 lbs.
    • Dimensions to 32 X 24 X 16 inches


    • Thick MDF enclosure with bracing to ensure improved bass. 
    • Aircraft-grade aluminum front panel, anodized and laser-etched with aluminum bracing for improved bass
    • Leader handle folds flat and is comfortable to carry. 

    Unique Features

    • The built-in handle is not only for aesthetic purposes but also ensures portability and quick movement. 
    • Can be charged through the use of alternate devices, along with Bluetooth and main connection features. 
    • An exceptional number of tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers guarantee sound closest to the original audio.

    Exos-9 Bluetooth Speaker

    Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    When you think of sleek speakers that not only look great on your mantle but also deliver amazing surround sound, look no further. Built with minimal clunk or junk, this speaker will add style to both your existing room decor or DJ gear. 

    Technical Specifications

    • The frequency response of 40Hz - 20KHz
    • 200 watts of continuous power
    • 5  active speaker drivers
    • 5 band EQ with 4 presets
    • One 6.5 inches dual voice coil bass subwoofers
    • Two 3 inch neodymium midrange drivers
    • Two 1 inch silk dome treble tweeters
    • Bluetooth 4.2 (connections up to 80 feet)
    • Weighs 13 lbs


    • Matte black metal speaker grille that covers the 5 active drivers
    • Rubber-padded handles at the back to pick up your speaker. 
    • A shiny black touch screen on top helps you control your device efficiently. 

    Unique Features 

    • 100 dB levels of sound with absolutely minimal distortions within an affordable, portable package. 
    • Full control of your audio thanks to the EQ presets.
    • Powerful battery which is rechargeable and replaceable for one that can play double the time. (sold separately)

    ION Block Rocker Plus

    Ion Audio Block Rocker Plus

    If you’re just looking for the best speaker for house parties, it makes little sense to invest in pricier speaker systems. The Ion Audio is not only cheaper but will make sure your guests engage with the incredible microphone system and have a good time. 

    Technical Specifications 

    • 100-watt peak power amplifier with Bass Boost button
    • 8-inch woofer
    • The 1-inch silk dome tweeter 
    • 35-hour rechargeable battery 
    • 3.5mm aux input for non-Bluetooth devices
    • AM/FM radio with 15 presets
    • Projects Sound Up to 150 feet


    • Rugged Aluminum construction with a retractable primary handle. 
    • Integrated handles and wheels for easy portability and placement configurations.
    • Built-in BlueTooth configuration allows for a range up to 50 feet. 

    Unique Features

    • The professional quality microphone comes included with a cable so that your guests can live out their Karaoke dreams. 
    • Mountable configurations of about 1-⅜” ensure that your sounds spread farther.
    • The USB port is available to charge any and every android device on the go. 


    Pyle PRO Amplifier PPHP107UB

    Next up is one listed from the Pyle PRO Amplifier range. This particular model means business and finding it a permanent home should be no problem. A considerable option for those with more permanent home or business setups. 

    Technical Specifications

    • Speaker System: 10'' Woofer, 1.0'' Tweeter
    • 2-Way Full Range Audio Projection
    • 1/4'' Microphone Input
    • 1/4'' Line Output Connector Jack
    • (2) XLR Input Connector Jacks 
    • 35mm Speaker Stand Mount
    • USB Flash & SD Memory Card Readers
    • USB Reader Doubles as Device Charging Port
    • Aux-In (3.5mm) Input Connector Jack
    • Weighs 14 lbs.


    • Stamped steel basket woofer and a titanium tweeter. 
    • Protected by a circuit and engineered abs box
    • Connections built safely into the back.

    Unique Features 

    • Chain link features allow maximum connectivity options. 
    • A compression driver of 700 watts easily carries sounds no matter what the venue. 
    • Range of connection options including USB, SD card and Bluetooth, standard RCA and AUX inputs

    Sony GTKXB7BC

    Sony GTKXB7BC Audio System

    Any speaker system list remains incomplete without the addition of a Sony model. This model will deliver quality for what it takes away in price, coupled with unique Sony specific features everyone will appreciate. 

    Technical Specifications 

    • Three 1.97" Drivers
    • Equipped with Bluetooth and NFC
    • LED Speaker Illumination
    • USB + RCA Input/Output
    • LDAC Support
    • Connect Multiple Speakers Together
    • ClearAudio+ Technology
    • One-Box Design for Portability
    • Detachable AC Power Cord


    • Controls and ports built into the rear. 
    • LED lights built into the front for added ambiance. 
    • Can be placed side-ways or standing up.

    Unique Features

    • Can connect to up to 10 wireless speakers to form a party chain.
    • Customize your settings with the Sony Music center app plug-in feature.
    • LED lights and speakers alternate with the sound of each beat. 
    In case you can’t decide!


    We are very aware that buying the best DJ speakers for house parties isn’t the easiest thing to do. So follow along to our top 3 picks in shortlisting the best DJ speaker for beginners and professionals alike. Here’s what you need to know.

    Sound Quality 

    This goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: sound quality can make or break your event. Artists go through numerous editing rounds to ensure that the sound quality in their music remains consistent within every output system. This is precisely what goes into making the best DJ speakers for house parties so that everything comes out the way it’s supposed to. Be sure to oversee your frequency range within the speaker to ensure maximum flexibility and range within different sounds. Best speakers with bass are what you should be looking out for. Since these can capture both the nuances of classical music just as well as the beats of party anthems.


    Expert quality sound is only good so long as it is wherever you are. Whether you only need the best DJ speakers for house parties, events, or clubs, portability should be second nature. At home, especially during parties, it’s not unheard of to want to move your speakers from one room to the other. Whereas for those DJs or artists on the move, traveling to and fro gigs is enough to drive anyone insane. Adding a chunky speaker into the mix is no good. Flexibility is the top priority and for that be sure of what your traveling restrictions are or better yet, what you can easily carry up or down flights of stairs. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


    Of course, one great solution to adding flexibility into your permanent setups is through the use of wireless connections. Bluetooth can help solve a lot of problems and cut down your setup time exponentially. However, it is better to not limit yourself to a single mode of connectivity, both at home and in your professional practice. The ideal situation calls for surround sound at every opportunity. We think that the best DJ speakers for house parties and gigs alike really take the cake for moments when you want to change the music but cannot be bothered to get up. 

    We sincerely hope our extensive list has been of help to you and that by the end of the article, you have a clear choice in mind. If that is not the case, we wish you much luck in finding the best DJ speakers for house parties. Just keep our tips, tricks, and picks in mind. Till next time! 

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