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What’s a party without some pomp and show? Whether it is a small private club or a wedding party, you gotta have killer lighting. You'll bring the perfect music, make sure you bring the best DJ lights that match the occasion and your style. 

For quite some time, DJ-ing has become an important element, having the right lighting brings them to the next level. Clubs and Promoters these days expect at least a basic light show when performing as well as the customers.  So much these days it's more about the overall show. This can include costume, props, lighting effects, and the songs you play in. Believe me, when I say, you’re going to rule the hearts of people if you get this right. Having the best DJ lighting setup for your shows can give you a serious advantage over other DJs.

This article is geared to help you consider some of the best DJ lights that are tried and true and bring value to your performance. We’re here to help you decided which DJ lights you need and will complement your setup!

Imagine this, all your tracks, your sounds are ready and good to go, people have started to grab their cocktails and are there piling in front of you, chanting for you to play their jam. You click the button...but boom, there are no lights! Can you imagine how awkward that $hit would be? Yeah, not good. When it comes down to it, lighting isn't the first thing on your mind when you think about setting up a party, but it really should be. Choosing the perfect lighting setup for your party is essential and having access to a handful of key DJ lighting products allows you to have a different light show depending on the event type. This also helps spice things up and mix them up if you're doing the same location week to week with different lights.

Whether you are an independent entertainer, mobile DJ, club owner, or event organizer, you will need the best visual effects that will keep the audience engaged and wanting more. It is important to choose the visual effects that are best for your party, the ones that WON’T LET YOU DOWN…

Which are the dependable brands that make the best DJ lights?

How to find the best DJ lights?

Creating a memorable party requires a wide variety of best DJ lights generally. The same lights happening in a loop get old pretty fast. You want to keep alternating scenes using different effect light types. 

Yeah, we realize you probably know a lot of this but it's important to have a game plan. There are some really amazing and versatile LED DJ lighting systems out there but watch out for cheap Chinese knock-offs. Trust in the larger name brand lighting companies like Chauvet DJ Lighting which coincidentally what mainly sell here at the shop.

So, how can I find the best ones that meet my needs style?

There are many factors that dictate your choice for the best DJ lights for house parties, best DJ lights for weddings, and best DJ lights for small rooms. Take a look at their prices. Some of the high-end DJ lights cost a fortune, like those wild Moving Head Lights you see at the big festivals. There is another less expensive all-in-one setup though like the Chauvet Gigbar Move which is super versatile for smaller shows and you get a lot for the money. 

Recently DJ Lighting has transitioned from those hot old school PAR Can light to the new LED PAR Lights which stay cool and take way less power. DJ LED lights can project different shapes and colors by using filter gel that gives off a reflection.

Some of the best DJ lights have programmed patterns that run on their own for an indefinite amount of time while others are in dire need of your input. Some lights have a built-in microphone that enables you to a sound-activated operation making the light effect change their patterns and designs with the music that is played. We also have to talk about corded vs wireless lights. A lot of the new lights have built-in Bluetooth and are wireless. This makes setup a breeze and keeps things nice and tidy. Lots of DJ lighting still can be connected with cables. If you are using cables you can daisy chain the lights together and use dip switches to identify which lights your Lighting controller or Laptop will control using your light software. 

Some of the best DJ lights have moving head effects, suitable for bars and clubs and mobile DJs. But these lights are best for large venues and not really suitable for house parties.

If you're confused about what lights you need or want some help putting together the perfect DJ lighting system call us anytime. 

Before we move on to our lists of the best DJ lights for 2021, let’s talk about how to narrow down the ones that are the best fit for you. You need to ask yourself some questions before you have a clear head on your choices.

The first thing is to know your venue. Ask yourself this question: What’s the place I am playing at...most often?

Confused why we are asking this? The answer is simple, preparation is super important. Before going to the venue to set up your best DJ lights, it is important to know the space. How much room do you have? How is the party going to happen? House parties are super fun but don't bring your big moving headlights, they won't have the space they need to look good.

If you're setting up in a large club or warehouse, hell yes, bring all your big stuff like the moving heads, big strobes, and big fogger or hazer. No matter how large the venue, make sure to take some time to consider what lights make the most sense ahead of time.

PRO TIP: keep extra lights with you!

Second, use a LOT of variation in your light show! It is not a good idea to depend on only a few moving heads, lasers, and par kit. Although these make really amazing lighting effects, these are not the best choice for an ever-lasting impression. A variation in equipment will make it look more professional and interesting making your lights the best DJ lights.

PRO TIP: Don’t go for only moving effects. Fixed lights, like pars, are as useful for lighting the walls at the back of the booth. They can lift the rest of your lighting and create a very sassy vibe.

Third, the most important. Ask yourself this question: Which is the best DJ light that I can fit in my budget?

Chauvet DJ LX5 - LX-5 DJ Light

Planning your capital to spend is equally important as planning for your event. If you’re a newbie and are looking to earn first, then it is important to consider the ones with less equipment but more swag. Keep reading further as we will provide you information about the best DJ lights for $100 Variation can also come into play here but of course, the important question remains, do you have the budget to get them?

Fourth, do not BLIND your audience!!

What is more annoying than going to the party with lights flashing directly in your eyes? Of course, as a DJ your best DJ light setup needs to be the kind that gets the attention of the crowd but at the same time, it must be considerate. This would create an impression for a lifetime for everyone as, as we said, the vibe is directly related to how much and how intensifying the lighting effects are. The best lighting, not too dim not too flashy helps the audience to see and encourage your dance moves, your motivational gestures, and maybe someone would feel comfortable in coming to ask you to play their jam. Isn’t this the want of every DJ? Sure is.

Now that we are on the same page, out there is a whole world of the best DJ lights that can fit any budget, any mood, and any need that you would like to have. With so many lights available out there and with new technological features, it is definitely confusing to find the one that is right for you. We have spared you the trouble. Below, you will learn about the most popular and best DJ lights for your events in 2021 and beyond. Our top 10 best DJ lights are listed below, most of these DJ lights are under $100

Chauvet DJ Swarm Wash FX

Are you looking for a complete solution for your DJ night? Chauvet DJ has got you’re your back. With Chauvet's Swarm Wash FX a marvelous LED light with an RGBAW rotating contest is your perfect fit for any function making it the best DJ light. This one comes with an RGB+UV wash along with a red or green laser. This Swarm light also comes with a ring of white SMD strobes. This device has an endless supply of effects with individual control on each of the effects with different modes including remote control and master modes. It links multiple units, saving your time and making it a killer choice. We are sure you will love it when your crowd goes wild with the best DJ lights they’re witnessing.

Chauvet DJ Swarm Wash FX - Best DJ Lighting - Hollywood DJ


Easy to operate and quick in adding life to your party, Chauvet DJ LX-5 is truly the one that you would choose for a full-on effect. The Chauvet DJ LX-5 has 56 (RGB) LEDs which produce sharp yet colorful effects. The effects are of different variations, and the light itself is very compact. Hence it's optimum to be used by mobile DJ as no programming is required. 


Among the many functions offered in Chauvet DJ are the controls for sound sensitivity, chase switching, and speed control. It is heat-free and has different light pods in the colors of red, blue, green, and amber. Through its full-on effect, it also functions as a wash-light. Its sound sensitivity will make your audience dance to the beat of your music. Chauvet DJ LX-5, one of the best DJ lights does not require any extra cables for its operation and comes with power-linking cables. Its automatic functions are a perfect fit for all types of functions and can be used by newbies and experts alike. It comes in compact strips as well as individual lights, making it perfect to meet your needs as DJ.

ADJ Inno Spot Pro

Light up your night with the Aj Inno Spot Pro entertainment system. Its compact size and light-weighted body make it easier to be carried anywhere without hassle. Flaunt your crowd anywhere anytime with this entertainment system. Its moving head and built-in lighting can hook up your crowd to a super active music system. There are a number of effects offered in Aj Inno Spot Pro ranging from motorized focus, and fog machines. That’s what makes it one of the best DJ lights, among other reasons. Imagine the thrust in the crowd to see these elements at such a reasonable price. These are the best DJ lights for weddings, the best DJ lights for small rooms, and the best DJ lights for house parties. With these, you can give your audience a night to remember with the Adj Inno Spot Pro DJ light.

Chauvet DJ Derby X Rgb LED

The Chauvet Derby-X RGB LED is a derby effect light that features INDIVIDUAL control for all the LED clusters lined up in the system. This system also provides various new features such as blackout, strobe, and static with a built-in and sound-sensitive activation program. The system can be linked to power with up to 27 units.  Doesn’t it have all the needs for your party? Yes, it sure does! 

These features make Chauvet DJ Derby X, one of the best DJ lights, a must-have for your parties whether they are stage performances, in pubs, bars, clubs, small weddings or events, and even the larger ones.  Go wild with your crowd with these best DJ lights for 2021.

Chauvet Dj Derby X LED - Best DJ Lighting - Hollywood DJ

Suny Professional LED Laser Z24GB

Fill your nights with a magical experience of cool and magical lighting patterns. Suny Professional LED Laser Z24GB is the perfect choice for all types of functions whether indoor, outdoor, bars, clubs, pubs, house parties, and weddings. What makes it the perfect choice are its features. This lighting system is the best DJ lighting setup. It is lightweight, durable, and portable with a wide variety of lasers without being heated up. It has a wide range of laser lights that are not too high or dim, rather perfect for your function. This light is also remote-controlled, automatic, sound-sensitive with a rotational effect. However, it also has a stepping effect! It matches with the intensity of your crowd and gives you all the more reasons to encourage them to go for more making the perfect show anytime, anywhere!

Eliminator Lighting Electro Swarm LED Lighting

Eliminator Lighting Electro Swarm LED Lighting is the latest lighting with one of the trending lighting effects named Electro Swarm. This lighting system has six LEDs and has a 1-watt power of output for each of them. These are able to rotate and create a 228 RGB light beam. You may wonder, I can get this from other lighting systems as, well right? But there’s a difference. This Electro Swarm is very bright, but not the type to blind you. Again, a major reason why we call them one of the best DJ lights. As we mentioned, each of the six LEDs is one watt making them a perfect choice for bigger events as they cover the entire dance floor providing a magical look. The light effects are in daisy chains and most importantly they match your steps with its built-in microphone function making it the best DJ light.

Eliminator Lighting Swarm LED Lighting - Best DJ Lighting - Hollywood DJ

Dragonx 4 Bar LED

Looking for a LED light for the stage? Then look no more. Dragonx 4 bar LED is the portable system of 4 LED lights making it a complete package for your events. It is dynamic, good to go, stage light for stage performance at parties. The lights themselves are light-weighted and they come with a stand. To your surprise, the stand is also light-weighted. This lighting system is an all one for mobile entertainers, bands, at pubs, clubs, and events as well. This light system has each LED light having a Tri-RGB. Built-in DMX SYSTEM including a two-pedal switch. The system is capable of producing saturated colors of lights with LED capable of working through almost fifty thousand hours. The system has vivid colors that can fill the stage dramatically and completely. This is the best DJ light set up is easy to be carried and assembled.

LaluceNatz 630005

LaluceNatz DJ Light is the best DJ light setup for mobile DJ entertainment and parties. It comes with colorful beams with 48 lenses that catch your eyes as soon as they light up, making you want to shake to the groove. These are also for stage and have different colored effects including green, red, yellow, purple, orange, and white. It is also multifunctional lights with effects activated in an uncomplicated manner as well as with remote control. Of course, that’s one big reason to categorize these under best Dj lights. Built-in automated system with a variety of wide-angled color beams makes it a perfect pick for all types of functions including small weddings to bigger ones as well as Christmas parties making them the best DJ lights for weddings and best DJ lights for parties. Laluce Natz DJ light 63000 comes with a smart design and different sensitive modes, making it easier to operate.


Another amazing lighting system for all types of DJs provided by Chauvet, The DJ mini Kinta has LEDs of 3 watts that strike through any lighting in the room-filling it with sharp yet tolerable beams. This lighting system comes with a lot of useful features providing maximum coverage and output features with derby effects that are twice the size of this system. This lighting system has the best DJ lights has a built-in program that functions in its specific manner to provide you with a memorable rave experience. 

Yup. We know this one's big for the best DJ lights category. 

This Mini Kinta has LED effect light that produces multicolored beams of light. It also has 48 lenses that can match the mood of any event as it also has a motor speed. Its rugged metal house makes it perfect for mobile gigs along with its easier to be carried size and weight.

Chauvet DJ Mini Kinta - Best Dj Lighting - Hollywood DJ

Laser Light 40 Patterns LED Projector

If you want a one-lighting system fit for every event whether it's a family party, birthday party, wedding, or bar, then laser light 40 patterns LED projector is your best choice. This lighting system is light-weighted made of aluminum that adds to its durability. It has several modes including sound sensitivity, manual and remote-control modes. This light can be placed anywhere in the room from the wall to the ceiling and can be mounted or placed otherwise. It gives a shining beam to whichever angle it put on providing maximum coverage to the area. Its high quality and high performance make it ideal for all types of functions and hence the best DJ lights.

So whatcha waiting for? Turn up the party with the Best DJ lights and music gear now.

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