Top 10 Best DJ Mixers for Beginners 2020

For someone who is just stepping into learning the art of DJing, getting just the right one out of the many top DJ mixers available can pose as a real challenge. Coming across the best affordable DJ mixer can up the game for any beginner who is just getting started. We can’t stress this enough, and we’re sure you’re on the same page as us when it comes to realizing the importance of getting hold of the best DJ mixer for yourself.

Well, worry no more because our compilation of the top 10 picks of the best DJ mixer available for beginners will free you from this very hassle. Let’s not keep you waiting anymore, and let’s dive right into our take on the best DJ mixers for beginners, shall we?

Pioneer DJM 250 Beginner DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJM-250:

Some of the most popular and the best DJ mixers available in the market are by Pioneer DJ. They hold true to their reputation of producing high quality products; be it the more expensive DJ mixer controllers or their best affordable DJ mixer – the Pioneer DJM-250 for example. The Pioneer DJM-250 is one the best DJ mixers for people who want something for themselves that has more of a high-end touch to it, and here’s why:

While the I/O is fairly standard, the Pioneer DJM-250 provides the beginners with a whole new level of DJing. It is a combination of some of the most professional features which were a part of other high-end and rather expensive models, notably the Magvel faders and the dedicated Sound Color FX Filter on each channel. The former is known to provide a smoother control, hence giving one the feel of using a powerful instrument.

The later provides one with an instant access to some of the most essential DJ transitions by letting you add textures and layers to your music. The built-in sound card feature of the Pioneer DJM-250 allows one to connect their mixer to their MAC or PC, which in turn allows one to record their mixes. The best part however is that with this feature of the Pioneer DJM-250, you will be able to use the Rekordbox DJ software when performing with the CDJs or a DJ controller of your choice. 

Pioneer DJM 900 DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJM 900

One of the most popular high-end choice by clubs all around the world when it comes to the best DJ mixer gears has to be the Pioneer’s DJM series. They are one of the biggest names in the professional DJ world. But what makes this series stand out for beginners, who initially may not want to go for something highly expensive, is that it provides one with the full feel of what a professional gear would but at a more budget-friendly rate.

The next one in our list of the best DJ mixer for beginners is the Pioneer DJM 900. What really stands out about this one is the broad range of features that one has an access to. It has almost everything that the Pioneer DJM-250 has to offer – and even more. The Pioneer DJM 900 comes with the channel filters, EQs, the Magvel faders and the dual USB ports for connectivity with other DJs.

This powerful beginner DJ mixer has many effects – Sweep, Filter, Noise, Space, Sub-echo and Crush effects – on each of the 4 channels, which allows one to color their sound according to their liking. There are 14 different beat effects that one can engage with, while the parameters can be adjusted on the LED screen. All this makes the Pioneer DJM 900 a high-quality studio level piece of equipment, rendering it as one of the best DJ mixers choice to get any beginner on a budget started.            

Pioneer DJM 450 Mixer

The last of our best DJ mixer in the Pioneer DJM series is the Pioneer DJM 450 Mixer. This is an entry level beginner DJ mixer – a 2 channel mixer which is ideal for any beginner to start with their DJing. It comes with a professional level appealing-to-the-eyes design, and is also light in weight which makes it one of the best portable DJ mixer options.

This makes it perfect for situations where transportation of the equipment is required, thus making the Pioneer DJM 450 Mixer an ideal choice both for the mobile DJing and the firmly mounted club setups. The USB port offered by the Pioneer DJM 450 Mixer is an additional feature for the beginners, which reduces the need for additional cables and a PC so as to record your set, share and podcast it so you may get the feedback of others on your work.   

The standard 3 bands EQ, headphone output, and crossfader are things you will find in all the Pioneer DJM that we have discussed above, and the Pioneer DJM 450 Mixer is no different when it comes to those features.

Additionally, there are 4 kinds of effects which are applied on each channel – Crush, Gate, Jet, and Filter, which are mainly used by the Big Room or the EDM DJs.

All in all, the Pioneer DJM mixers are one of the best DJ mixers at an affordable price tag, promising to provide beginners with a much-appreciated sonic update with their great-sounding mixer. Check it out on DJ Equipment.

Numark M6 DJ Mixer

Numark M6 USB

Numark’s DJ gear goes all the way up to the professional level, but they have been experimental enough to step into coming up with a DJ mixing board for beginners. Numark M6 USB is one of the best DJ mixers when it comes to the many features you will get for your money; for their just might not be a better deal than this when it comes down to that.

Numark M6 USB is an affordable yet one of the best DJ mixer options that could give you the much-needed head start to build your rig around before jumping onto the more professional options.     

This version of Numark is a 4-channel/2-channel hybrid mixer, meaning that one can select two out of the four allowed hooked-up channels for mixing at a given time. The main microphone input of a Numark M6 USB has a balanced XLR input and a Talkover function.

This Talkover function is quite useful for occasions when you want to be heard, announce something or lay vocals over your performance without having to mess up with the master volume. The flexible cueing option of this model is quite advantageous when one has to manage so many of the inputs together.

Mono summing and user-replaceable crossfader are some of the other remarkable features that come alongside a Numark M6 USB. Lastly, as the name implies, there’s a very cool USB feature that opens the gates for connections to be made with a computer for streaming and recording purposes. Given the features, this might just prove to be the best DJ mixer option for you

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

The quality and standard set by Numark in the world of professional DJ gears is undeniable. This is well-mirrored in even the cheapest DJ mixer by them – as in the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3.

There’s a whole host of features that comes with this model, which ensures that you may unleash your creativity to the fullest as a beginner. Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is a well-crafted and one of the best DJ mixers, that has been designed by people who are nothing but professionals.

There is a 16 multi-function backlit performance pad that allows one to add loops and launch samples. You can also use it for dynamic FX control and track search operation. On each channel, there is a dedicated filter knob which gives you complete tonal control to get that perfect sound.

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 comes with a 100 mm pitch slider which allows one to perform even the finest of the pitch adjustments. With this, you can easily achieve the perfect beat sync between the two cuts without much trouble, and as a direct consequence adding to the sound quality.   

The basic controls are easy to understand by any beginner, and would allow one to start DJing right away. For people who are just starting, Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is undeniably a good value for money and one of the best DJ mixer available. 

 Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2

The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 is next on our list of best DJ mixers and happens to be a slightly expensive option when compared with the rest. This is because it is both a DJ mixer and an audio interface. If one were to use the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 correctly, one must be well-familiarized with the Traktor software.

This would mean you’ll have to make your laptop a part of your rig too. The software itself is simply amazing. It is a 4-deck DJ platform and allows one to pull off incredibly complex techniques – but the best part as with any other hybrid DJ ring is that you need not go down that road if you’re new to this and do not find yourself ready to use these features.    

The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 is a hybrid 2-channel DJ mixer and has all the I/O that one naturally expects from a beginner DJ mixer. Controls like crossfaders, three-band EQ section, other premium features, and advanced setup of the Remix DeckTM technology are what come alongside.

One thing must be kept in mind that this model is heavy to carry around, and hence is not such an ideal choice for people looking for a mobile DJ mixer option, but if that is not a concern for you then it could be your first best DJ mixer.

Allen & Heath Xone:23

The next one on our list of the best DJ mixer for beginners is the Allen & Heath Xone:23. With a series of some of the very successful DJ mixers, Allen & Heath have been seen making a name for themselves in the market of DJ mixers. Allen & Heath Xone:23 is a 2+2 DJ mixing board with two RCA lines and two phono inputs.

It is equipped with all the pro features which are a great option for the beginners and also the semi-pros.

Talking about the hardware specs, Allen & Heath Xone:23 comes with a 3-band total kill EQ, crossfader curve selector, a VCF filter system with frequency and resonance control, VCA faders, illuminated switches and a lot more.

Allen & Heath Xone:23 features a soft touch, light-piped meters, and backlit control. Its built quality is of the very best standards, and the quality of its sound is also known to stand out.

Another advantage is its portability, which means that you can easily carry and transfer it to wherever you want.

There is however one thing missing and that is the LED volume meter which doesn’t show to the individual channels, but only shows the master volume. Now, if this doesn’t bother you then for a good value for money option, Allen & Heath Xone:23 is the way to go and might just be the best DJ mixer for you. 

Rane MP2015

While one may agree that rotary mixers aren’t for everyone, some people are not really comfortable with this option. That being said, many DJs on the other hand don’t find a problem with these. In fact, many are known to swear by rotary mixers to be the best DJ mixer they’ve worked with.

If you are one of those then you need to take a look at the Rane MP2015 because it just might be the best DJ mixer out there for you. It certainly does provide high-quality audio as one may expect from rotary mixers. One may exercise tons of control over the frequency of each track with isolators, filters, and adjustable EQs.

Rane MP2015 is an ideal option for mixes that tend to belong, require smoothness, and are generally slower. For deeper house and techno DJs the Rane MP2015 with its rotaries may be an obvious choice, but for scratching – well not so much.

A built-in audio interface in the Rane MP2015 makes it compatible to be used with a computer. We understand how this retro-cool and rotary style may not be for all, but if you find no problem handling it then this may be your best DJ mixer bet.  

Behringer DDM 4000 DJ Mixer

Behringer DDM4000

Behringer is a name known to most, especially those who happen to be new to audio and music production. This is because they tend to deliver best quality products in far less money, making them a good-value-for-money and the best DJ mixer for beginners' options.

So, if you are someone who has been meaning to step into the DJing world with an equipment that offers more than just the two decks, but at the same time cannot afford to spend massive amount just now then the Behringer DDM400 should be the way to go.

Behringer DDM4000 is a 4-channel DJ mixer, expertly crafted with a wide array of buttons, faders, knobs and a small screen out of other things that decorate its exterior. Furthermore, it comes with MIDI functionality, which really tends to open the door for creative applications, equipping one with an endless surge of possibilities.

All the various knobs and buttons – the channel faders, the EQ knobs, etc. – can be made to send customized MIDI data for they are configured to do that. Behringer DDM4000 provides one with the ability to save the pre-set performances which can be invoked by the user for instant future recall.

The beat synchronized sampler – a highly sought-after function – is used as a beat-controlled looper. Behringer DDM 4000 is light in weight, making it one of the best DJ mixers. 

American Audio 19MXR

Last but not least on our list of the best DJ mixer available in the market is the American Audio 19MXR. This one is a well-assembled, 4 channel beginner DJ mixer. The American Audio 19MXR happens to be one of the most budget-friendly options out there for people who are just stepping into the DJ world and those who don’t really want to invest too heavily at the very start.

One can play and control music directly from the software on their computer, whilst at the same time fully enjoy the operations expected from a traditional DJ mixer.

There are 20 on-the-board control options available; each of them fully assignable and mapping perfectly to suit the requirements of most of the major software available for use by the DJs.

The American Audio 19MXR comes with good I/O options, which would suit the need of any beginner looking for the best DJ mixer to take his DJing onto the next stage.

Other notable features of the American Audio 19MXR are the Midi/Analog control, well-balanced XLR outputs, and MIDI navigation controls. The user-assignable control buttons make it easy for anyone using this DJ mixing board to play their music and customize it the way they want.   

Buyers Guide          

To crown only one out of all the mentioned mixers as the absolute best DJ mixer is really not how this works. One has to really give each mixer as serious thought; make a list of features they absolutely require and then those their music can live without, at least as a beginner. The price point and the amount one is willing to spend also maneuvers their choice. So, which exactly is the best DJ mixer out of all is something that your preferences will decide for you.

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