Top 8 best DJ Powered Subwoofers in 2022

Sometimes, finding the perfect DJ subwoofer can be a daunting task, and it is definitely not one to be taken lightly. With the soaring prices and the huge variety of different competing products in the marketplace of today, it is easy to see how people could be fairly confused. When evaluating specifications and comparing with brands, it is important to keep in mind the main elements that are of significance to you and ensure that you get a DJ subwoofer that fulfills all your basic requirements.

What Exactly Are DJ Powered Subwoofers?

There are usually two main types of subwoofers that are available in the market. One type is the passive subwoofer. This type of device usually requires an external amplifier attached alongside it in order to function properly. However, it does not have to be plugged into a power outlet of any kind.

Powered subwoofers, also known as active subwoofers, are given the name because they have to be plugged into the main power source in order to function. The typical subwoofer of this kind usually has the characteristics of a subwoofer speaker as well as the features of an amplifier. The main similarity between the two types is that both subwoofers are required to reproduce some specific low-frequency sounds that are difficult to reproduce with other speakers.

Pros and Cons of Powered Subwoofers

Installation is typically easier with a powered subwoofer since it only requires a single cable and there is usually no further cost of wiring. These devices are extremely compact and usually, this makes them portable.

However, these subwoofers usually cost much more than their passive counterparts and they consume a greater amount of power as well. Additionally, they have very specific compatibility requirements, and their placement needs to be carefully considered.

 DJ Powered Subwoofers

1.    Yorkville Sound ES21P, 2400W Powered Subwoofer (21-inch)

This is one of the best DJ subwoofers on the marketplace of today and it is considered to be an amazing subwoofer for home too. The 21 inch device is an active subwoofer and it produces sound with incredible quality. Not only is it perfect for outdoor events like festivals and concerts, but it also works great at nightclubs too. Using 2400 Watts, this 90 kg powered subwoofer is a great solution when you are looking for an amazing audio device that delivers quality sound without using too much extra power.

Amazing sound quality at a reasonable price? Count us in!

Additionally, this powered subwoofer is very high-end looking, with a luxurious black ultrathane paint finish which makes it extremely appealing to new customers. Those who are currently in the market for a rear horn loaded subwoofer should definitely check out this incredible piece as it is a great addition to any club setting and performs incredibly well.

Along with 18 inch dj subwoofer options, this device also comes in various different sizes, such as the 21 inch version, allowing customers to experience this product in a wide range of sizes.

2.    JBL EON618S Portable 18 Self Powered Subwoofer with Selectable Crossover Presets

When searching through the wide range of DJ powered subwoofer speakers available in the marketplace of today, it is important to consider convenience in your desired product. The EON618S is an amazing DJ powered subwoofer and the biggest plus point of this amazing device is that it is completely 100% portable and easy to transport to different locations. Additionally, it can be used in a variety of different settings, as it has been designed in such a way that it is compatible with multiple different applications.

The speaker is lightweight, making it easy to carry, and this powered subwoofer also has an enclosure that allows it to be set up in different low-frequency environments. Not only that, but this incredible device is easily connected to the EON connect app which allows users to control various different presets, DSP parameters and even lets them control four different speakers at one time without any issues.

A portable product that is compatible with multiple devices? Sounds amazing!

 Although there are many other 18 inch dj subwoofers available today, few offer such amazing quality sound in such a lightweight, portable device. The most amazing part of the whole deal is that the device can be controlled through both Android and IOS based applications, so no further technology or equipment is required to operate it.


3.    QSC KS212 Cardioid 3,600W Dual 12 Inch Powered Subwoofer


The QSC powered subwoofer is one of the most amazing products in the subwoofer arena. Not only does it come with great features, but it is also crafted out of amazing, premium quality materials, making it an exciting product that people from all walks of life would love to purchase.

Looking for a great multi-purpose product? Well, look no further!

This is one of those amazing 12 inch powered subwoofers that stores some frequently used settings based on the applications it is compatible with, making it very appealing for most customers. It also has front to back attenuation and amazing long-excursion drivers. There are many features that point to an item being the best DJ subwoofer, and the Class D amplifier module that the QSC subwoofer has is definitely one of them.

Those searching online and local retail centers for DJ subwoofers would be hard pressed to find such a versatile and attractive product. It has a whole host of enticing features, and also has a sleek, modern design that makes it very appealing to new customers. Those that prefer a DJ subwoofer for various social events, clubs and indoor settings would definitely love this product as it can be used in a variety of different locations.


4.    Yorkville Sound ES18P, 1600W Powered Subwoofer - 18 Inch

The Yorkville powered subwoofer is an amazing device that has a great reputation within the music industry and promises amazing sound quality every time. Coming from a tried and tested brand that has made a name for itself in the marketplace, this new and improved version of their flagship model is a great device for people who are looking for premium quality products within a professional setting.

Coated with durable and wear-resistant black urethane paint, this incredible device gives a very sleek and refined look and promises to deliver, both in terms of sound quality and functionality. The Yorkville powered subwoofer is an amazing find, as it contains a 4 inch voice coil.

Incredible High-End Product With a sleek sophisticated design? Sounds amazing!

One of the most amazing things about this device is that even though this particular product is considered to be car-friendly it can be utilized in a whole host of different settings, making this a very multi-purpose product. Whether you want to set it up in an indoor club or an outdoor music festival, this 18 inch powered subwoofer is definitely going to get the job done.


5.    Mackie CR8S-XBT, 8 Inches Creative Reference Multimedia Subwoofer with Bluetooth

Lauded as one of the best dj subwoofers found in the retail stores of today, the Mackie subwoofer is a great overall product that is uniquely designed to meet the requirements of the modern world of social media. Professionals ranging from content creators and musicians to video producers and artists can all utilize this incredible device as it promises high-quality sound on a budget.

Incredible sound without breaking the bank? Sounds like a dream come true!

The package contains a Mackie subwoofer as well as a desktop remote that allows the users to have a convenient volume knob right at their fingertips, enabling them to easily control the functions of this device. Another major plus point is that this powered subwoofer has a sleek look, offering customers a very high-end product even within a relatively low price range.

Additionally, this amazing subwoofer also has Bluetooth connectivity and a conveniently placed headphone jack. The Bluetooth option is a great added advantage as it allows users to stream across multiple systems and play incredible studio quality sound.

mackie powered subwoofer

6.    DAS Audio VANTEC-20A Active 2-Way Powered Curved Source Subwoofer Line Array

This specific DJ subwoofer is amazing because it includes an amazing variety of features that make it compatible with multiple systems, making it a very appealing product for most sound professionals in the music industry of today. Not only does this amazing product come with a pole mount which allows it to be angled in multiple directions, but the way it is designed allows it to be used efficiently in conjunction with around 5 units.

Alongside this, the interface of the DAS controls gives users the freedom to configure this DJ powered subwoofers systems for use in combination with other devices or even individually. The size of the array itself can also easily be selected with the help of these controls.

Looking for a subwoofer that can be used easily with other units? Well, this could be the one for you!

Another amazing feature of this hi-tech DJ subwoofer is the amazing ability to stream music in the form of an amazing, premium quality stereo, utilizing a remote control to manage the system’s various functions. Also contained within the package is an enclosure designed with plywood and coated with a durable ISO-flex material that makes the product look extremely high-end and gives a luxurious finish to the overall design.


7.    DAS Audio EVENT-121A 3200 Watt, 21 inch Powered Subwoofer

This incredible 21 inch powered subwoofer packs quite the punch when comparing it to other DJ subwoofers available on the marketplace of today. This high output product is designed to ensure maximum efficiency, and the amazing neodymium loudspeaker is incorporated into the device making it even more effective at transmitting sound with great quality.

Do you want a device that promises great quality sound every time? We know you do!

The DAS Audio Event is commonly well-known amongst people within the subwoofer community, whether it is people who make the Mackie subwoofer, or people who collect the Yorkville powered subwoofers. This is because, unlike the other models that are currently available in the online marketplace, this particular product has various features that make it stand out among the crowd. One such amazing cutting characteristic is the combined rear-loading and direct radiation. This gives an amazing sub-bass response that makes this device extremely popular among customers.

Along with this, this amazing high-tech device has a double silicone spider and an optimized suspension system, as well as a neodymium assembly and a demodulating ring made entirely out of aluminum, making it one of the best DJ powered subwoofers that money can buy.


8.    Electro-Voice ETX-18SP, 1800 Watt Powered Subwoofer 18"

This incredible 18 inch powered subwoofer is a high class device which is a great option for venues offering live entertainment, like weddings, fundraising festivals, carnivals and live concerts. Those who help run event management companies could do well to invest in this amazing DJ subwoofer, as it provides everything available in today’s marketplace at a decent price. Additionally, both musicians and recording artists would stand to gain by buying this DJ powered subwoofer as it offers amazing quality sound at an affordable price.

Classy-looking product with maximum efficiency? Sign us up for more!

Additionally this is a very convenient product because it offers a wooden closure to protect the DJ subwoofer from damage or breakage. It also has an amazing combo pole cup which is compatible with other full range models and casters that can easily be removed.

This 1800 Watt device is one of the best DJ subwoofers available as it combines efficiency with class to give an extremely high end, luxurious product. Not only does this particular DJ subwoofer perform great in multiple different settings and situations, but it can also be utilized at home for various purposes.


Although there are a multitude of options available for curious individuals searching for the best DJ powered subwoofers, it is important to understand that each and every product is uniquely designed to carry out specific tasks. For professionals who are employed to produce studio quality sound, it would be unwise to get a low-budget, entry level product. At the same time, for those social media content creatures, amateur musicians and video producers who want a relatively simple and convenient product, it would make very little sense to go out and break the bank to purchase a high-end 18 inch DJ powered subwoofer for their humble little home based studio.

Which one is the Best for you?

After understanding the pros and cons of each device and researching their various applications and features it should be easy to identify one main point of concern when making your decision about selecting which DJ powered subwoofer you should buy.

The most important thing is to ask yourself this question: What will I be using this for?

After identifying the primary use of the product, you can decide whether you need to make use of the heavy-hitters in this list, or simply settle with a more budget friendly option. Another main thing to remember is that not all the DJ subwoofers in the online marketplace have the capacity to be compatible with numerous systems, so it is important to see if the final product you end up purchasing will be compatible with other devices.

Make your choice wisely!

After carefully considering all the options available to you, it is time to take the next step! Pick the best DJ powered subwoofer of your dreams using a trusted website, such as Hollywood DJ.

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