What to look for when buying a DJ Facade

Hello everyone! Caleb from Hollywood DJ here, again. It’s no secret that a large number of our customers are performing DJs, whether it be in clubs and theaters, or weddings and assorted corporate events. When it comes to this type of gig, the visual aesthetic of your setup is important both for the audience and in establishing professionalism.

You need to have your controller, laptop, and any other important pieces in front of you cleanly and in a way that is conducive to your workflow. In most cases, a simple keyboard stand with all of your cables cascading down simply will not do.

With all the different options for these types of facades or stands available, how do you even pick one? Let’s start by breaking down features on a select few, from the simplest to the most feature-packed.

Headliner Santa Monica Facade ($160.77)

A simple, clean classic. While it does not come with a stand, it will at least provide a good level of cover for your set up, allowing you to cut a sleek silhouette on stage with your chosen equipment. It’s lightweight, and even comes with a carrying bag. This is ideal for a DJ who already owns a stand they’re happy with, and just needs something to tie it all together.

ProX Vista MK2  ($319.99)

As simple looking as the prior option, but now with a built in stand for your controller, as well as cable slots for you to feed all your cables through in order to maintain organization. It comes with both a black and white scrim to pick from, plus a carry bag. A good pick for a DJ who wants the simplicity of a simple facade, but still needs to get a stand as well.

ProX Mesa Media Mount ($579.99)

Now we start to get to the more theatrical pieces in our collection. Still a simple folding stand setup with a stand and cable brackets, but now with TV brackets for a DJ who wants to mount a monitor for your logo, specialized visuals, or even custom names (such as a bride and groom for wedding gigs, or a company’s name for corporate bookings). Comes with white and black scrim options, as well as a TV mounting bracket for monitors up to 55 inches, and even a travel bag.

ProX Humpter B3 ($2199.99)

Finally, we arrive at what is possibly the nicest facade/stand combo we offer. The ProX Humpter is handmade in Poland and has become an instant smash success with customers all throughout the market. While it does not fold up as easily, it is a grand setup featuring enough room for two turntables and a mixer, a laptop stand clamp, TV brackets for a 55 inch monitor, a headphone holder and even a cup holder for your preferred drink during long sets. It also comes with two carrying bags to transport the whole setup easily. This is truly an all-in-one setup for a DJ who wants to have every single need covered and also present their performances in the most appealing way possible. 

These are just a small assortment of what we have to offer and some of our favorites. If you want to pick any of these up, or maybe find more “in between” options that fit your needs and budget, please feel free to contact myself and the team at Hollywood DJ anytime. See you all next time! 

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