Largest DJ Lighting Showroom in the United States
Hollywood DJ in Los Angeles now hosts the largest dedicated Chauvet DJ Lighting Showroom in the United States. “Some of the Moving Head Lights and Lasers you really have to see in person,” says Allan Sham owner of Hollywood DJ.



The new store renovation features state of the art Chauvet DJ and Trust showroom in action programmed entirely on Chauvet DJ’s ShowXpress lighting software. The new dj lighting showroom was designed to present a wide range of DJ and Stage lighting effects in the actual environment that they’ll be used.

“Our new showroom has nearly every Chauvet DJ Light on display,” says Allan Sham.

  DJ Lighting Showroom

The display starts with a completely blacked our room and uses a Chauvet DJ Hurricane haze machine and a Geyser P7 fog machine that creates a thrilling burst of fog with penta-color RGBA+UV light blast combination. It is a unique experience in a completely controlled environment so customers can experience the lights as they should be.

The interactive space features a 30 foot long 15-foot wide two-tier truss system devoid of ambient light. The long span allows long beams and spotlights to be demonstrated properly and allow an accurate representation of how they’ll work in the real world.

Mackie DRM Series Speaker

The display features Mackie DRM Speakers with (4) of the 12” powered concert arrays (DRM12A) paired with (2) 18” powered subwoofers (DRM18S). These Mackie speakers feature state of the art onboard processing systems for optimal clarity and sonic output. Customers can feel the energy and experience the lighting just like they’re at a concert or club.

“The Mackie DRM series speakers sound loud and clean; they complement the light show really well.” Says Allan Sham.

The system is chock full of best in breed moving head lights like the Intimidator Hybrid 140SR, Intimidator Spot 375Z, Eve series, FX series, and DJ Laser Lights. The Chauvet Scorpion Lasers offer a popular aerial effect with a wide bright beam that cuts through the haze like a knife.

 DJ Laser Lights

The complete list of lights currently includes the Chauvet Gobo Zoom USB, Helicopter Q6, 27 different Intimidator Series Spots, Beams and Trios and SlimPar cans.

The lighting display also includes Chauvet DJ Vivid 4 Video Panel System which plays video from a laptop as an exciting stage background or for a DJ Façade.

All told there are 50+ Chauvet DJ lights on display with complete control over every light or effect via Chauvet DJ Showexpress software.

 DJ Light

“We set up the lighting configuration using a club layout, format which is the perfect way to see how the lights will perform at a show.”

 Chauvet DJ Vivid Video Panel

Typical applications for these lights range from local and national DJ acts to lighting for houses of worship and stage lighting for concerts. Care was taken to design the showroom to accurately demonstrate lighting fixtures for all of these applications in one space.

 Chauvet DJ Lighting

The Hollywood DJ lighting showroom is open now and available for demos with their supportive and knowledgeable staff.  We recommend scheduling an appointment ahead of time for a demo to make the most of your time.

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