Pioneer DDJ-1000 using Serato?

New Pioneer DDJ 1000 with Serato…leaked!

That’s right, we have unconfirmed reports that Pioneer will be releasing a new version of their DDJ 1000 DJ Controller that works with Serato DJ! Could it be Pioneer actually listened to the 1000’s of DJ’s wanting to use the DDJ-1000 with Serato!!! All signs point to yes!


The DDJ-1000 Controller has previously shipped with Rekordbox as the software application but that could be changing after this recent leak.


So…good news bad news…this means all you Serato fans can use a DDJ1000 Controller! However; the current DDJ-1000, of course, can’t be upgraded to use Serato, dang it ☹  Before you go selling your current DDJ-1000 on eBay make sure stay tuned to see if this is real.

We will be hearing back from our Pioneer Rep next week and will report back the official word on this new release…this could be huge!

UPDATE: Here is a link to the new Pioneer DDJ 1000 SRT Serato Controller!

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