Thinking of Going on a Foreign Trip? We Got Best Microphones for Vlogging!

You have all these exciting plans for visiting the most exotic spots and mesmerizing sceneries. Your perfect itinerary is charted out, and your papers are in order, but just when you think you are all set, something turns up. Apparently, your camera's in-built microphone just won't cut it. Furthermore, if there isn't a good enough microphone in your vlogging arsenal then you might as well kiss your expectations of quality content goodbye. 

  Before your traveler's spirit extinguishes altogether, be rest assured that your search for a suitable microphone for vlogging ends here. With our diverse collection of microphones exclusively designed for YouTube and vlogging, you will no longer need to dig deep on the Internet for options or hit up all your peers for suggestions.


  First off you need to know what exactly you are looking for. Simply put, the market offers you two main categories of microphones. 

  1. Dynamic Microphone 
  2. Condenser Microphones


 The underlying acoustic principle is the same in both types of mics. However, the difference lies in their procedure of converting mechanical sound waves into electrical signals or voltage.  


  Dynamic microphones (aka moving-coil microphones) are often utilized in bustling environments filled with a loud noise. This is the mic used by singers performing live and their stage crew playing instruments like kick drums and guitar cabinets. Its rudimentary design is such that it doesn't require any power to operate. Its polar pattern is strictly cardioid meaning you need to point the mic towards the sound source.


  Condenser microphones are also called capacitor mics. They are used for more sophisticated settings where the ambient noise is controllable and you are working with high-frequency sounds like the ones in a studio recording. They are electrically powered, usually running on 48 volts which comes from an audio interface or mixing console (you can buy one of these on our website by clicking right here). This voltage is termed 'phantom power'. Due to their intricate design, they are able to pick up delicate sound waves with sharp accuracy, making them the ideal microphone for YouTube recordings. This is also why they are considered the best mic for streaming, and broadcasting. You can learn more about the difference between these two types of mics here.


By now, you might have realized that a condenser microphone should be your pick as the most suitable microphone for youtube and obviously the only microphone for vlogging. Now let's find out which condenser microphone will best suit your needs.


  While it is one of the most expensive DJ microphones, if top-notch quality is your demand then this premium piece of tech is the best option for you, hands down. 

  The Shure KSM42 is a Dual-diaphragm cardioid microphone. Its exceptionally premium design yields booming audio quality. The most exclusive features offered by the KSM42 are its highly impressive proximity control and ultra-wide dynamic range. It provides its users with the luxury of a natural off-axis response which creates a comfortable distance between the user and the mic. It features a 3-stage sturdy mesh grille and a high-grade shock mount. Ultra-low self-noise and blocking plosives are prominent attributes of its fine design. Moreover, self-noise is reduced to a negligible extent. 


  The two most desirable features one could ask for in a vlogging microphone are part and parcel of this DJ microphone.

  1. Controlling proximity effect
  2. Cardioid polar pattern.


  Unlike omnidirectional microphones, a good cardioid mic exhibits a proximity effect. in simple words when the sound source is brought closer to the mic it has a more pronounced low-frequency audio output. You might have heard a speaker's voice getting 'fattened up' when he/she gets too close to the mic. Despite being seen as an inherent flaw in unidirectional microphones, the proximity effect can be utilized in creative ways to give dramatic effects to your voice. However, this can only be possible if your mic is designed to account for the undesirable aspects of the proximity effect. The KSM42 was forged to tackle this technical feat which is why it is simply the best vlogging microphone out there.

Check this video to get a better understanding of the proximity effect


  The KSM42 has an additional passive diaphragm located behind the active front diaphragm. At lower frequencies, the passive diaphragm partially blocks the sound from reaching the rear of the active diaphragm. The lower the frequency, the more the sound is blocked. This results in an extremely controlled proximity effect and reduced plosives just as you would expect from a premium quality recording microphone. 

You can see what experts have to say about the proximity handling capability of the KSM42 right here.

Shure KSM42


  A polar pattern basically illustrates the direction(s) from which the mic can capture sound waves relative to a stationary source. Looking at a microphone's polar pattern you can tell how strong it will receive sound from various angles with respect to its position from the sound source.


 As explained before, the problem with the built-in mics of your smartphone or laptop is not cut out for exclusively capturing human voice isolated from background noises. The secret to all that unwanted noise of people chatting somewhere or the air conditioner etc is a low-end microphone. 

  As an ideal microphone for vlogging, the KSM42 is designed to solve this problem by capturing sound from the source placed right in front of it. The background noise is canceled out by its rear passive diagram before it even reaches the front of its capsule.

  Whether it's the gusting wind on an iconic hilltop or the endless roar of a bustling city, this DJ microphone will keep your voice on top of it all. 


You will receive a semi-tough type case. Inside is an open cage rubber suspension shock mount and a lightweight magnetic pop filter. The microphone itself comes inside a red velvet cover. With its zinc die-cast housing and hardened low carbon steel grille, it feels quite solid. You really get the feeling of buying the most expensive dj microphone. Along with its user manual, you also get the iconic Shure sticker. Check the unboxing video right here.

  We at Hollywood DJ appreciate that you seek value for money. So click the link below and for $679 you can have your own Shure KSM42 Dual Diaphragm condenser microphone right at your doorstep.


  Nick Church, the sales engineer at Sweetwater had this to say about Shure KSM42, 

  "With a very sweet clean mid-range, controlled presence-lift, and an almost non-existent low-frequency proximity effect, the Shure KSM42 mic should be given very serious consideration as a perfect all-round vocal mic in any studio's mic locker. Try it, you will not be disappointed."

  Another top-rated reviewer had this to say,

"When one of the world's top microphone manufacturers makes a premium mic that is purpose-built for tracking vocals, the world should take notice. I have no idea how this mic seems to be such a well-kept secret, but as you might expect, it is an incredible-sounding mic. It was also designed with a very wide sweet spot and a minimized proximity effect that just makes the job of recording easy. I have even done voice-over work with it, and it just sounds like velvet. As with all Shure products, the build quality is outstanding. There are a lot of cheaper mics out there, but when you're ready to step up your game, this one is worth every penny"

The list of people praising this phenomenal DJ microphone goes on. You can read as many as you want by clicking here.

2. Headliner HL90510 Roxy Stereo USB Condenser Microphone

  The Headliner HL90510 Roxy USB is again a condenser microphone. Its simple plug-and-play mechanism makes it easiest to set up so you can stop worrying about the technicalities and start giving voice to the creative beast within you. The various buttons on this mic's body grant you full control over its polar pattern and other handy commands. The extreme simplicity of this recording microphone offers a sound quality that is almost too good to be true. Nonetheless, all you need is the mic, your trusty headphones, and a laptop or phone, to start recording or streaming anywhere, anytime! It's clearly the best camera microphone money can buy.

Feast your eyes upon this beauty by clicking here! 


Roxy features a large tri-color LED beneath the capsule. The mic is so aesthetically appealing that most users say they would rather show their mic in their videos, which I would say, is quite an attribute in a microphone for youtube. These lights function as a visual interface for the user to navigate between various settings of the mic. To adjust any settings, all the controls are at your fingertips right on the front of the mic. It’s even more convenient than a touch screen interface. Another common issue is latency and delayed response. Roxy tackles this problem by providing you with a built-in headphone output that allows you to preview the audio in real-time before uploading it anywhere.


  Roxy supports Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. This is a phenomenal feature to have in a microphone. So whether you are on one of your vlogging expeditions far from home or live streaming with millions from the comfort of your residence this all-in-one high-definition best budget microphone will never let you down. 

Headliner HL90510 Roxy


  Roxy's dual condenser capsules provide you the flexibility of shifting between Cardioid and Bidirectional polar patterns at the push of a button.This switching mechanism is useful in scenarios where you wish your audience to experience the vibe as if they are standing right next to you.

Imagine you are capturing the perfect sunset. The soothing sound of waves crashing against the reefs, as the sun is disappearing in the watery depths, captivates you. You know your viewers just have to hear this melody of nature but you also want to speak your heart to your audience and let them know how you are feeling at that very moment. Usually, this would require a change of equipment or an improvise in some other way but with Roxy, you can just switch between the two polar modes and keep such technical mood killers from interfering with your vibe. If that doesn't make it the best microphone for vlogging then nothing will!

So what's the hold-up?!  Hollywood DJ provides you with quite an economical price for this high-end best dj microphone. Get your own Roxy Stereo USB Condenser Microphone today by visiting our website for just $119.99.

Link is given below.

3. HL90515 Starlight USB Condenser Microphone

  A handy microphone to have when you're at work in your editing lab or live-streaming. Its antique design makes it a rare article to own. The headliner Starlight USB microphone comes with a desktop stand for ease of orientation, a shock mount for stability, and a USB cable just as you'd expect from any exclusive microphone for YouTube.

Headliner Package HL90000 HD3

  As a perk of buying this budget microphone from Hollywood DJ you also get a Headliner Package HL90000 HD3 Monitors Pair. For just $179.98 you can own this dynamic duo of a quality studio Microphone for YouTube and a remarkably sounding monitor pair. It's really an amazing offer if you're primarily looking for the best mic for streaming in an affordable range. Check this link to our website below.



  Most DSLRs come with a 3.5mm jack but, sometimes these cameras lack xlr connections. The first solution everyone comes up with is to plug in the microphone in an audio recorder having xlr inputs and later on sync the audio with its corresponding video but that just makes things complicated. You would end up working your fingers to the bone for hours at end and frequently run into difficulties like audio delay.

  There is a neat way to connect your recording microphone directly to your DSLR camera and avoid all the unnecessary hard work of synching. The idea is to use a mixer or preamp device that has an output jack of 3.5mm. This will enable you to connect one end of a male-to-male cable to the output jack of your converter device and the other end to your DSLR via its 3.5mm audio input jack. Now that makes things a whole lot simpler doesn't it ?!

check this short video below to better understand how this method works.

   If you went for a USB condenser microphone then you don't need to worry much about volts. All you need is a portable source like a power bank ( to get phantom power), the inbox USB data cable, and a male-to-male audio cable. With the connections made, just mount your mic to your camera and start vlogging. Speaking of which, let's discuss the solution to the final headache. 


  If your recording microphone is equipped with such attachments that are compatible with the Hotshoe of your DSLR then you are good to go straight away. However, If that's not the case, you will require a Hotshoe adapter to quarter screw or a camera microphone shock mount like this. Then you can easily connect the shock mount, which is holding your microphone, directly to the Hot Shoe of your DSLR. There are a couple of other ways to mount your mic onto the camera as well.

  So there you have it, the best Microphones for vlogging are just a click away. As they say that if you don’t know your destination then no wind is favorable. So it is crucial that you understand your requirements before you start comparing the specs of every microphone out there.


Hop on to our website to check out the latest equipment to fit any budget. Until next time, happy vlogging!

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