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If you’re a struggling artist wanting to flaunt your mad skills and want some affordable equipment to get up and running you have come to the right place! When you’re looking for equipment you definitely want something that will last long, is cost effective and of course it  looks good too! Well you’re in luck because our website offers you a place to get the best equipment at the best prices, 0 financing and free shipping!

We have a variety of cheap dj packages for beginners, Dj speakers, lightning and a bucket load of brands you can choose from.  You’re probably wondering why you should trust our services and what we have to offer, so here’s a list of our top five best sellers that will leave you hooked!


1-Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1 Scratch-Style 2-Channel DJ Controller for Serato DJ Lite – Black:

What is it?

 The Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1 coordinates impeccably with the free Serato DJ Lite programming, flaunting a shiny new fight style design that is not difficult to utilize and ideal for playing like an expert. The plan of this 2-channel DJ regulator imitates an expert DJM-S blender + PLX turntable arrangement, including specific elements for open-configuration and scratch DJs.

 What services does it offer?

Brand-new battle-style layout.

  • Bigger jog wheels.
  • Dynamically add texture to the music with Lever FX.
  • Tracking Scratch: Get a helping hand with scratching.
  • Mixed microphone audio: Easily add your voice while you’re streaming.
  • The DDJ-REV1 via the supplied USB cable and start DJing.

How much does it cost?

Believe or not, just $259 and no you aren’t dreaming this is actually real!

Product specifications:

Dimensions: 20.7" x 10.06" x 2.33"

Bundled DJ Software: Serato DJ Lite

Jog Wheel Size: 154 mm

FX Trigger: Lever

Tempo Slider Layout: Horizontal

Loop Trigger: Battle Mixer Type

Deck 3/4 Switch Button: Yes

MIC Availability on Streaming: Yes


-Additional goodies!

Brand-New Battle-Style Layout:

Get your hands-on an interface designed to emulate 2 x PLX turntables and a DJM-S series mixer – the kind of setup used by pro battle DJs!

 Bigger Jog Wheels:

The greater the run wheels, the better for scratching. The runs on the DDJ-REV1 are similar in size as the ones on the DDJ-SR2, a famous regulator that is higher up in our reach.

Lever FX:

Progressively add surface to the music with Lever FX. Pull the switches down and hold them to apply impacts from Serato DJ Lite in short explodes or push them up to lock on impacts and let loose your hands for scratching or track perusing.


 Tracking Scratch: Get A Helping Hand with Scratching:

The Tracking Scratch highlight quietly returns the music to the signal point the second you move the run wheel from in reverse to advance or lift your hand away - saving you from shutting the fader and tracking down the ideal locations in the music to begin the scratch once more.

 Mixed Microphone Audio: Easily Add Your Voice While You’re Streaming:

For the first time in a Pioneer DJ controller at this level, the output of the master audio is mixed with the sound from the microphone if you have one plugged in.

 Serato DJ Lite Integration: Enjoy Full Use of The Free Software:

As soon as you’ve downloaded Serato DJ Lite to your PC/Mac for free, you can simply connect the DDJ-REV1 via the supplied USB cable and start DJing.


2-Hercules DJ Control Impulse 300 - Black with Beat match Guide DJ Controller:

What is it?

Hercules pioneers the scope of DJ regulators to truly figure out how to mix. With the Hercules DJ Control Impulse 300, you will very much want to rehearse your listening abilities and figure out how to dominate beatmatching physically. Begin DJing effectively and improve rapidly with the assistance of select elements from the DJ Control Impulse 300 and its DJUCED programming light aides on the regulator to become familiar with the right moves, the Intelligent Music Assistant (IMA) to assist you with picking the best melodies to play, the ENERGY element to deal with the party mind-set, and the DJ Academy with its locally available video instructional exercises. The DJ Control Impulse 300 additionally offers all that you really want to consummate your blending abilities: 16 cushions, 8 modes, huge run wheels, consequences for standard with professional regulators, and significantly more.

What services does it offer?

  • Built-in, On-Board Dynamic Light Guides which removes the need to look at a screen.
  • The tempo guide shows just exactly where to move the tempo fader.
  • Beat Align guide shows the best direction to turn the jog wheel.
  • Trending songs display a list of the best songs to play, suggested by DJUCED Artificial Intelligence.
  • Assistant press a key to instantly get the best music suggestions.
  • Energy matches your tracks to the energy level of the party.
  • Large Jog Wheel 150 mm / 5.9” with touch detection.
  • 8 pads activate 8 modes (hot-cue, roll, slicer, sampler, tone play and more).
  • Effects Control Rack 1 key and 2 rotary knobs.
  • Mixer Controls Set the gain, 3 EQ levels, filter on knobs, volume and mix on faders.
  • Built-In Audio Master speaker output + headphones output.

How much does it cost?


Product specifications:

Audio: Integrated built-in audio interface.

Master out for speakers: 2 RCA.

Headphones out: 1/8” stereo (3.5 mm).

Resolution: 24-bit/44.1 kHz.

Controls Per Deck: 2 decks.

Touch: Touch detection on jog wheel (Jog wheel diameter: 5.9” / 150 mm).

Browser controls: Rotary encoder + 2 load keys + Assistant key.

Effects: Effects rack with 2 rotary fx knobs and dry-wet Slip, quantize, loop in/loop out keys.

Controls On Mixer: 1 filter, 3 EQ, 1 gain knob, 1 volume fader/deck.

VU: VU meters per deck + master VU meter.

Tempo Guide: Light guide along with the tempo fader.

Beat Align guide: the light guide below the wheel.

Assistant: suggests tracks from your library.

Energy: helps to host your parties — get people dancing with high-energy tracks, Slow things down with lower-energy tracks.

Trending songs: display a list of the best upcoming songs to play, suggested by DJUCED Artificial Intelligence.

-Additional goodies!

Light guides: Enable the beat match guide to figure out how to mix. Deactivate it whenever you have learnt the moves. Follow the TEMPO bolts to change the BPM of each track. Synchronize your tracks utilizing the BEAT ALIGN bolts.


3- Numark DJ 2 Go Ultra-Portable USB DJ Controller for Mac or PC:

What is it?

The Numark DJ 2 Go is the most compact DJ regulator on the planet, the least demanding method for setting up and DJ with your PC DJ programming. Every one of the controls you want are ready, including a crossfader, run wheels for each deck, pitch faders, music library route controls, and then some.

What services does it offer?

  • Mouse-less navigation built in.
  • Includes integrated Virtual DJ LE Lite Software.
  • Familiar A/B deck and crossfader make using DJ 2 Go a snap.
  • Single USB cable provides easy integration with your PC or Mac.
  • Compatible with virtually any MIDI-capable DJ application.
  • Ultra-portable USB DJ software control for instant gigs.

How much does it cost?

$149.00 seems like a lot, right? Well just for you this now costs $79.99 so don’t wait up and avail this offer!

-Product specifications:

Item Weight: 1 lbs

Product Dimensions: 17.2 x 4.9 x 1 inches

-Additional goodies:

Mix at any time you want!

Be ready to perform at any moment, anywhere you want! DJ 2 Go is a fundamental instrument for each DJ's arsenal, stockpile, ideal for moderate arrangements and little gigs. Furthermore, there's nothing more regrettable than not having a plan B for when your main system comes up short. DJ 2 Go is the ideal reinforcement. It slips effectively into a PC pack or rucksack and incorporates all that you want to mix your music and DJ like a pro.

Virtual DJ LE Lite Software Included:

Start mixing immediately with the included Virtual DJ Le Lite programming. With DJ 2 Go's controls, you'll barely have to contact your PC's mouse or trackpad. You can without much of a stretch select and stack tracks from your music library utilizing the route controls. In addition, DJ 2 Go likewise works with basically any DJ programming, including Virtual DJ Pro, Traktor, djay, and PCDJ.

A super simple set-up:

Connect to your computer in seconds using the included USB cable and start jamming. Yes! It’s that simple.


4- Rane TTM57mkII 2-Channel DJ Mixer and Digital DJ Controller:

What is it?

TTM57mkII Mixer for Serato DJ. The Rane TTM57mkII remains consistent with its unique plan by supporting a natural work process while further developing execution and programming reconciliation. There are refreshed equipment controls including eight silicone RGB illuminated cushions for setting off up to 4 sign focuses per deck or the SP-6 sampler.

-What services does it offer?

  • Dual USB 2.0 high-speed class-compliant audio and MIDI USB ports:
    • No driver required on a Mac
    • High-performance ASIO driver for Windows
    • Ten record and ten playback channels per port
  • Sample rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and 96 kHz.
  • Dedicated Serato DJ iZotope USB FX inserts for each deck.
  • Software color-coded silicone RGB back-lit pads.
  • Aux USB input dedicated to the SP-6 sampler.
  • 3 High/Low-Pass sweep filters for Decks 1, 2 and Aux.
  • What kind of ranes? proprietary non-contact magnetic faders.

-How much does it cost?


-Additional goodies:

-Updated software which includes:

  •         Silicone RGB backlit pads for triggering four cue points per deck or the SP-6 sampler.

-Classic joy sticks which controls:

  •         Toggle slip
  •         Instant doubles
  •         Internal mode
  •         Censor
  •         Transform

-Dedicated auto loop and loop controls with back lit buttons which will help shape your mixes with incredible precision.

-Dual USB ports which help the DJs seamlessly change over between sets, even if they use different software.

-Serato Control Mix which:

Records from your PC hard drive utilizing Serato Control Vinyl, Serato Control CD or supported USB Controllers. The Serato Control Vinyl and Control CDs each contain the Serato NoiseMap Control Tone, an extraordinary control signal that permits Serato DJ to follow the movement of the record.


5-Reloop BUDDY Compact 2-Channel DJ Controller for iOS/iPAD, Android Mac and Pc:

-What is it?

The Reloop AMS-BUDDY reduced and strong 2-channel DJ regulator was planned and created in close organization with algorithm for the most impenetrable mix conceivable with their honor winning day application. Space-saving without compromising usefulness, the Reloop Buddy offers DJs of any level every one of the apparatuses they need to perform inventively and successfully.

-What services does it offer?

  • Full transport section and quick performance mode access.
  • Dedicated sync function to match tempo and key.
  • Quick-skip: fast search within a track.
  • Dual sound filters (LPF/HPF).
  • Shift buttons for second-layer functions.
  • Master volume control and RCA output.

-How much does it cost?


-Product specifications:

Sound Card Resolution: 24bit/48kHz

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

S/Noise Ratio: 95DB (USB)

THD: <0.1%

Power: DC-5V > 2A USB-B

Master Out: RCA

Headphone Out: 3.5mm jack

Weight: 12 lbs

Dimensions: 12.79 x 1.88 x 8.66 inches

-Additional goodies:

Fully Feature-Packed:

It doesn’t matter if you know how to play or not,the Reloop Buddy offers you full control over your mixes thanks to powerful features including the intuitive pad section consisting of 8 performance modes (hot cue, auto loop, touch FX, sampler, slicer, bounce loop, Neural Mix, looper), dedicated loop controls, a flexible effect section with FX paddles, and responsive jog wheels for precise mixing and scratching.

Neural Mix:

The Reloop Buddy includes extensive Neural Mix controls for the pad as well as EQ mode. By using a simple switch on the controller, users can instantly turn the EQ knobs into dedicated Neural Mix controls, allowing them to isolate drums, instruments, and vocals in real-time.

Versatile Connectivity: A full headphone cue section and a 3,5mm jack are conveniently located at the side of the unit, together with a master RCA output for direct connection to active speakers and sound systems.

Sturdy Companion: The Reloop Buddy is built from quality, durable materials, and its space-saving, highly portable design makes it perfect for your home setup, mobile use, and even on-the-go or while traveling. Furthermore, its built-in device slot can hold smartphones and tablets up to 12.9”, which keeps the overall footprint of the unit to a minimum.

And lastly, just plug and play!

 Thanks to its dedicated integration with Algoriddim’s dj software, and built-in USB audio interface, the Reloop Buddy enables instant plug-and-play compatibility with smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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