Top 10 Best DJ Headphones in 2021 to help you smash that set

Why the Best DJ Headphones are most important to become a good DJ?

Are you looking to become a DJ yourself or are you looking to hone your already fierce DJ skills? The most vital accessory you require to pursue your passions in a smooth manner is a pair of the best DJ headphones. A good set of headphones go a long way. You should never compromise on the quality and integrity of your headphones if you aspire to become a great DJ one day.

Your headphones will be in use 100% of the time while you polish your DJ skills and so they should be ready at all times to perform at the best of their capabilities even if they’ve been in use for long hours. It can be a struggle to find the perfect pair of headphones and the internet can be a little daunting with the infinite number of possibilities when it comes to that. With such a variety of different options, it can be confusing to find the best DJ headphones for you.

Below we will discuss all the best DJ headphones 2021 options that we think are worth your attention. Headphones in this list include some of the best DJ headphones under 100 dollars, some of the best DJ headphones for beginners along some of the best affordable DJ headphones. So, check out these best DJ headphones if you wish to up your DJ game and take your set to the ultimate next level.

1. Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5BT-K Bluetooth Headphones

These DJ Specific cans from Pioneer are high quality and you'll feel the bass properly during your DJ set. These headphones are a killer value at around $150 for what you get. They sound great and are super durable so you can depend on them and feel confident you'll hear your mixes without an earphone crapping out on you :)

You get around 20 hours of use from a 3-hour charge, but if you use your headphones for DJ monitoring or you simply forget to charge them (we’ve all been there) you can also listen via the included 1.2 m coiled cable.


2. Sennheiser HD 25

This is a personal favorite among the best DJ headphones for various house DJs out there and it is one of the best DJ headphones under 200 dollars. One of the most intriguing features that Sennheiser HD 25 boasts is an innovative design. It may look odd but it is one of the most outstanding qualities of these headphones.

Sennheiser HD 25 - Hollywood DJ

This member of the best DJ headphones category is a classic display of incredible sound quality jam-packed into an easily portable, compact, and impressively lightweight set that has a curious look to it. They possess a mesmerizing audio quality that persists and maintains their integrity even at the highest of pressure levels. They are actually a good investment as they boast great value for money. The Sennheiser HD 25 might not be the most comfortable set of headphones out there but surely do earn a place among the best DJ headphones due to the stupendous audio experience they provide.

3. V Moda Crossfade M 100

The Crossfade is a pair of sturdy headphones that are the absolute epitome of durability. They are not only a worthy member of the best DJ headphones category but they are also the best affordable DJ headphones out there. If you wish to acquire a robust set of headphones that offer great sound quality and at the same time are not too heavy on the wallet, the V Moda Crossfade M 100 was made for you. Their durability isn’t just limited to the headphones but even their cable boasts the trusty Kevlar wire which can take quite a bit of wear and tear without losing its integrity.

These might not be the most appealing to look at but they are supremely comfortable due to their memory foam ear pads. They exhibit true bass separation owing to the patented dual-diaphragm design. The V Moda Crossfade M 100 has exceeded all expectations due to its fiery upgrades and is also among the best DJ headphones under 200 dollars.  

4. Audio Technica ATH M50X

The ATH M50X is a model that displays such class and intuition as it is a lot more impressive compared to its predecessor. The Audio Technica ATH M50X is one of the best DJ headphones out there. The ATH M50X is a proud member of the best DJ headphones under 200 dollars category. An immaculate amalgam of premium sound clarity and quality as well as optimum sound isolation owing to the size and make of the M50X earpads.

The velvet replacement earpads add great comfort in a budget-friendly manner. These studio-level headphones don’t work as great for live performances but still boast some incredibly advantageous features for mixing and live gigs on a small scale. To top all this off they have an impressive low-frequency response. Hence the  Audio Technica ATH M50X is among the best DJ headphones that are good value for money.

5. Sony MDR 7506

These are not specifically made for DJ usage but their sound quality is so superb at such an astoundingly low price that they could be used for DJ mixing just as well. These best cheap DJ headphones are sought after by a number of big names in the music industry. The Sony MDR 7506 has more often than not had spectacular reviews which show that the value for money here is great.

These best DJ headphones have not only proved themselves in terms of the immaculate audio experience they provide but they have been raved about for being extremely durable as well. Considering that they feature a plastic build, this is very impressive as their lightweight portability and wear and tear resistance make them the ideal travel companion for all DJs. They also feature a long cable and a carry case for your utmost convenience.

6. Behringer HPX 2000

A top contender for the best DJ headphones category, the HPX 2000 is popularly known for its premium quality sound combined with high-definition bass. All of this at such an impressively low price, it's almost too good to be true. They come at just below 40 dollars making them one of the most admirable items among the best DJ headphones under 50 dollars category. This set is also one of the best DJ headphones for beginners out there as with the Behringer HPX 2000 you don’t even have to compromise on comfort while going easy on your wallet.

Behringer HPX 2000 - Hollywood DJ

Apart from all this, they boast a cool black and silver design with just the perfect hint of professionalism. Due to their above-average noise isolation capabilities, this pair is ideally made for studio mixing purposes rather than live performances which is something that should be kept in mind. So the Behringer HPX 2000 will last you various hours of mixing in your studio with the optimum amount of comfort which is essentially the most important aspect for most DJs.

7. Beats Studio3 Wireless

Voted as the #1 premium pick DJ headphones, the Studio3 is the best DJ headphones wireless and has some pretty fascinating features that make them a worthy member of the best DJ headphones category. If we take a deeper look into their reviews and ratings, we will find numerous 5-star reviews for the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones on various websites.

One of their main allure is their wireless nature which naturally permits the user to experience a great deal of mobility along with an ecstatic audio experience. With sound clarity that many have raved about, the Studio3 Wireless has been speculated upon to create an emotionally realistic listening experience owing to the dual-mode adaptive noise canceling feature. Unlike most wireless headphones these best DJ headphones can go on for an astounding 12 hours after being fully charged. To top it all off the automatic power-off feature ensures optimum battery saving by automatically turning off the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones when they aren’t in use. An epitome of durable and lightweight convenience, this pair is definitely one of the best DJ headphones 2021 out there.

8. Status Audio CB 1

If you are someone who wishes to acquire the best affordable DJ headphones that won’t take a toll on your wallet then it doesn’t get any better than this. With a foldable design as well as coiled and straight detachable cables, the Status Audio CB 1 is the ultimate epitome of convenience and flexibility. The soft and padded earpads and headband make sure that even though at an extremely low price you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort.

The headband on these best DJ headphones is perfectly adjustable so you can have the most optimum fit on your head and your ears and this snug fit itself will provide a passive noise cancellation effect as well. The Status Audio CB 1 is popularly known to provide a studio-quality listening experience and this sound quality although isn’t the best among all the best DJ headphones but is still practically too good to believe in this budget. With above-average materials used for their construction, these best DJ headphones under 100 dollars are astonishingly durable.

9. Pioneer HDJ X7

Pioneer is popularly known for producing some of the best DJ headphones out there and the HDJ X7 is no exception.  If you want to give your DJ journey a great start and are willing to compromise a little on the pricing and opting for the less budget-friendly headphones, the Pioneer HDJ X7 is the perfect fit for you. These best DJ headphones under 200 dollars are raved about to have excellent bass energy as well as an admirable definition of low and high frequencies.

Pioneer HDJ X7 - Hollywood DJ

Apart from this not only are they super durable and resistant to much wear and tear owing to their sturdy material but they are also one of the most comfortable best DJ headphones out there. Equipped with rotating ear cups that swivel according to your needs, you can conveniently perform your mixing with the Pioneer HDJ X7 in whichever way you’d like.

10. AKG K240 Studio

One of the best DJ headphones under 100 dollars, the K240 studio boasts a number of admirable qualities that deserve your attention if you are an up-and-coming DJ. These best affordable DJ headphones are among the most amazing that you could ever dream of attaining at such a great price. The most advantageous feature about the AKG K240 Studio is that not even for a second do you even feel like you’re compromising on the integrity or quality of the headphones just because you’re getting them at a really cheap price.

The sound quality, as well as noise cancellation powers of this set, have been admired by many. An easy to transport set of the best DJ headphones, the K240 studio exhibits a sturdy design that will last you a long time and can easily bear much of the general wear and tear of DJ habits. A point to be noted is that the AKG 240 Studio does not possess swiveling earpieces and hence is not recommended to be used at live performances and gigs. Nonetheless, these best DJ headphones are still a worthy purchase and handy item for all DJs to have in their music bags.

Buyer's Guide 2021

Your DJ equipment is incomplete without the perfect set of headphones your money can help you attain. Hence it is extremely imperative for you to choose the best DJ headphones that suit you and your DJ habits. This is the only way you will soar in your music career while having a great time. Now shopping for your DJ headphones is not the same as selecting just any other kind of headphones that you would normally use for your casual listening purposes. There are a number of aspects you must always take into account and weigh against each other to choose the best DJ headphones for yourselves. Let’s discuss those below.

Headphone type

The best DJ headphones are mostly closed-back design headphones as the open back design permits the passage of excess ambient noise in your ear. This is why open-back design headphones are not fit for live performing. Hence for live gigs, your DJ headphones must be close back designed.

If you want to practice cuts at the lap then open back design headphones can be of good use to you. Not if you’re at a party entertaining a crowd with your mad DJ skills though. This is because here the noise from the PA will empower your open-back headphones.  Hence, you won’t be able to focus properly on your own cues as there will be disturbing noise interference from the crowd. So, the best DJ headphones for you will probably be closed-back design ones.

Sound quality

As a DJ the most important aspect when it comes to the sound quality of your headphones is good bass response. This is because, for live gigs at the club or in loud crowds, the best DJ headphones should give you an effective and loud audio experience so you can stay in your element and not miss your beats. With a good bass response, you can feel the music punch you in just the right way for a great performance.


For some of you splurging for a good yet expensive set of best DJ headphones is not that big a deal. On the other hand, some of you might have monetary limitations and hence you end up looking for the best affordable DJ headphones. It is important to do your due diligence and select the best cheap DJ headphones if that is the case for you as there are many good DJ headphones out there at low prices like best DJ headphones under 200 dollars and even best DJ headphones under 100 dollars.

Comfort and Durability

It is extremely vital for the best DJ headphones to be durable and comfortable. This is because your live gigs or DJ sets can last for hours on end. To be able to perform to your best capabilities you need to be comfortable while doing so. Apart from this, they must be constructed with good quality sturdy materials so they can display wear and tear resistance in turn lasting you a long time.


As a DJ you are always traveling around to reach various venues where you’re supposed to perform. This is why easy portability is also a factor you can’t overlook once selecting the best DJ headphones for yourself. Foldable headphones that come equipped with a good carry case will go a long way in terms of convenient traveling.

Swivel Earcups

This feature depends on your own wants and needs. Most DJs prefer pivoting earcups as they give you one-ear listening abilities which can be useful when you wish to take a quick sort of break for any purpose without removing your headphones.

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