Top 10 Best DJ Speakers every DJ must know

Why investing in the best DJ Speakers is the smartest move for you as a DJ! 


You might be a DJ by hobby looking to impress your friends with your sick beats or you might even have adopted it as a profession and plan to make an earnest living off of it by playing your gigs at venues.

In any scenario, it is vital for you to have the best DJ speakers to flourish in the industry. Your speakers will give you the ability and power to be appreciated and heard by the crowd for what you truly produced from the heart using your skills.

It's equally important to choose DJ speakers that are on par with the level of quality and image you want to present to your fans or clients.  Having a great set of DJ speakers will make you sound even better and is one of your key assets as a paid DJ. Having some of the best DJ speakers lends you authority as a performer and tool to help you become the best DJ you can. 

Top 10 Best DJ Speakers 2021 - Hollywood DJ

How are the best DJ Speakers different from regular stereo Speakers?

DJ speakers seem to boast a few unique characteristics that ordinary speakers do not. A DJ speaker is any speaker that is capable of boosting out music at a monumentally loud volume so as to provide a great listening experience to any venue with a lot of people.

You don't want to use traditional stereo speakers as a professional DJ, there's an expectation there and overall DJ speakers aren't that expensive. Also, you're going to want to pump the bass at the event you're performing at, you'll want some beefy, high powered PA type speakers for this. Regular stereo speakers just won't cut it. 

Also, for practicing in your lab or home studio, you can use Studio Monitors or smaller PA speakers

It could be a small gathering of friends or a wedding of hundreds. Having a proper set of DJ speakers will help you make sure everyone hears and feels your beats like you intended them to.

Top 10 Best DJ Speakers you must know

Below are listed a few commendable options for anyone looking to get themselves the best DJ speakers. We understand that when choosing equipment that could mean a great deal when it comes to your DJ career, it can be a little daunting with the number of options available all over the internet.

That is why we have carefully selected the 10 best DJ speakers that are great choices for working DJ's that want dependable, great sounding main speakers and subs.

This is the list we came up with after going over specs and what we know from being in the industry for decades. We're here to help you get the right DJ speaker system that will match your style and budget.

QSC K10 10” 2000W Powered Speaker

This speaker is a freakin workhorse. A strong contender among the best DJ speakers category, the QSC K10 is a hard one to bust. A lightweight set that produces nothing but the most precise, clear, and crisp audio bursting with a load of power. The QSC K10 10” 2000W powered speaker is not a cheap buy for sure but the durable features and awesome specifications make it totally worth it. It is set to last you a long time and that’s much better than indulging in a cheaper buy that will give out sooner rather than later. 

Another factor is actually finding one in stock, lol. Many DJ shops can't keep these in stock so be ready to order early and setup a preorder with a reputable DJ shop so you'll be able to get in line for some of these. 

The 10” woofer, as well as the 1.75” compression driver, gives great sound quality to the full range speaker at high frequencies. Rated at a mighty 2000 watts, it is extremely loud and perfect to provide an exciting auditory experience to a large venue full of people.

These may seem small but when paired with a sub they can pound some small and mid sized rooms and sound killer. 

The QSC K10 10” 2000W powered speaker is a set of the best DJ speakers that boast some techno-savvy features such as a built-in timer, EQ settings for highs and lows, and DEEP settings for improving bass response. It comes with two ¼ inch jack inputs and two XLRs for connectivity. 

QSC K10 10” 2000W Powered Speaker - Hollywood DJ

Yamaha DXR8 (Best DJ Speaker 2021)

The epitome of premium quality and top-notch functionality. These speakers are known to be among the best of the best for a number of reasons. They boast an incredibly durable and sturdy design due to their commendable ABS construction. Their bass-reflex design and 1100W peak output power make them one of the best DJ speakers with bass along with the provision of low turbulence in their sound quality. 

The Yamaha DXR8 isn’t the cheapest set of best DJ speakers but if you’re willing to look past the damage they might cause to your wallet, they will definitely be worth the cash. They are meant to be placed on the floor but if you’d like you could get the additional U-bracket and mount them on the wall at your convenience. 

These speakers are very compact and give off the most elegant vibes all the while maintaining their durability. On the offside, they are heavy and do not possess side handles though which makes them a little tricky to transport. The 8” Yamaha DXR8 is the perfect mixture of quality, effective sound, and great power. This is what makes it one of the best DJ speakers out there. 

QSC K12.2 12"

What's better than the K10 Speakers... you guessed it, the big brother, K12!

No matter how cynical or picky you are about your electronics, the QSC K12.2 is always a heart winner that has impressed even the stingiest of DJs. It boasts an impressive ergonomic design with a digital display, sound-enhancing option as well as presets to boost your performance capabilities.

Definitely a sturdy option amongst all the best DJ speakers, there are not many like it who can proudly claim both great style and dependability when it comes to their design and builds. Moreover, they are very lightweight which makes them incredibly convenient to transport here and there from various gigs.

This is a very designed cabinet and when paired with one or more powered subs they can fill a medium to large room easily with full range sound. 

It incorporates the DMT feature which allows you to hear smoother coverage in your surroundings. The DSP onboard boasts an Intrinsic Correction voice and advanced system management.

This in turn makes your tracks sound flawless in any venue, with any type of power considerations. The QSC K12.2 packs a 2000-Watt power module and this high-end power surely lives up to the hype when it comes to entertaining a small to the medium-sized crowd.

Not the best when it comes to bass and though it might take some time to set up and get used to which makes it not the most promising option for beginners, but you can and should add subs in larger rooms. It is a resilient model that delivers crystal clear, high quality sound. 

10 Best Dj Speakers - QSC K12.2  - Hollywood DJ

Electro-Voice ZLX-12P

If we come to think about the best DJ speakers that have been around for a long time and are sworn upon by various tech moguls, the Electro-Voice ZLX-12P is the first to pop up.

Equipped with full-time Bluetooth support that allows you to perform wireless functions, it gives you great versatility with the ultimate functionality. The 1000-Watt amplifier definitely sits on the upper limit when it comes to power and so provides a very loud yet enjoyable sound experience.

The speakers produce just the right power of bass and volume to entertain even the largest of crowds which is ultimately every DJ's goal. They ensure the provision of well-rounded and warm low tones which is a significant factor that comes into play making them one of the best DJ speakers out there.

Weighing at around a hefty 15KG, they aren’t the most lightweight but neither are they the heaviest as they are pretty easy to manage and transport. The design and construction are great for ensuring an optimum auditory experience which says a lot about its longevity and performance. It comes with connectivity features such as two XLR ¼” inputs and a 3.5mm aux input.

Bose F1 Model 812

Bose is one of the leading brands when it comes to sound systems. The expectations and performance delivery both go hand in hand when it comes to Bose but at the same time, so does the price. Meaning it performs amazingly but comes at the price to match it.

The Bose F1 Model 812 boasts a 1000W RMS making it among the most powerful best DJ speakers out there. The F1 model 812 has a 12” woofer as well as eight 2.25” drivers, both of these combine to give you good bass with well-tuned mids and highs. 

These might even be the best DJ speakers for home usage which says a lot about their versatility. The army of 9 total speakers is astonishing for most and is one of the reasons the Bose F1 Model 812 is loved by so many. Great for medium to large crowds, it comes with XLR ¼ inch inputs, two bands EQs, and stereo RCA inputs. 

Its build is impressive, to say the least with an enclosure that houses 9 commendable speakers perfectly. It weighs a hefty 20kgs though, which makes it not the easiest to transport. The Bose F1 Model 812 is at the top of the running for the best DJ speakers due to its provision of an unparalleled loud, deep, and clear auditory experience.

JBL EON615 Portable

A mighty speaker boasting a 1000W of class D amplification measuring at a hefty 15 inches, the JBL EON615 portable has respectfully earned its place to be called the best DJ speaker.  It opens up a world of infinite possibilities owing to its versatile and significantly useful specifications.

Equipped with Bluetooth technology to allow wireless functionality for quick and easy setup. It also features as enclosure specifically designed to give an acoustic-like resonance for your audience, these are just some of the features that make it great. 

The JBL EON615 is really well designed cabinet and it sounds like it.  It includes custom transducers matched perfectly with this enclosure and mega wattage that further enhances its performance capabilities. These can be used as mains with a sub or side fills for live performers.

These are really reasonably priced at around $500 each during the writing of this article. Whether you’re a veteran DJ or just getting started as a new DJ, make sure you check these out and give them a listen at your local DJ shop. They are an economical but high performing speaker with a lot of features. 

 Best DJ Speakers - JBL EON615 Portable - Hollywood DJ

Yamaha DBR10 10” 700W Powered Speaker

Yamaha’s well-built speakers can be found in every best DJ speakers list and for great reason too.

Yamaha is among the world’s best tech companies and the Yamaha DBR10 10” 700W powered speaker with an RMS of 325 watts is here to prove it. This is an extraordinary product and is the cheaper end in contrast to its equally great competitors which is always great if you’re looking for the best DJ speakers for beginners.

Weighing at a light 10.5kg, it is incredibly easy to transport too. It's not as large as its fellow best DJ speakers but still gets the job done in the most compact manner making it ideal for aspiring DJs.

It is constructed in a rectangular build using sturdy and durable plastic material which makes it able to withstand load in and out of clubs, parties and other events. Get a speaker case and DJ speaker covers if you want to take care of your PA speakers and make them last. 

The DBR10 10” 700W powered speaker does not go below 55Hz when it comes to sub-bass but still manages to produce a precisely great defined bass up to its sub-bass cut-off point. It boasts 2 EQs, stereo RCA input, XLR, and ¼ inch combo jack inputs which are pretty standard. 

JBL EON612 Portable

JBL might not be the most popular in the speaker industry but it has still produced some of the most commendable and praise-worthy speakers out there.

The JBL EON612 portable is an example of their fine work as this is a speaker displaying immense quality and performance that will leave you stunned.

Definitely, a worthy member of the best DJ speakers category, the EON612 boasts a combination of the 300W peak powered wave guided high-frequency transducer as well as the 700W peak powered 12” woofer that also has bass reflex ports.

This well designed speaker cabinet has a 48Hz to 20 Hz frequency range with a max SPL output of 126 dB allowing great and versatile application of the speaker itself. 

The JBL EON612 allows you to fine-tune the speaker in varying acoustic surroundings by using the built-in DSP processor with Bluetooth v.4 control through an application (iOS or Android both). This application gives you wireless control which is a bonus for every DJ.

It also comes with XLR ¼ inch input connectors or dual combination mic as well as an XLR loop-thru. To adjust the overall levels in these best DJ speakers, you have the signal gain knobs and one master volume knob.

Best DJ Speakers - JBL EON612 Portable - Hollywood DJ

Alto Professional TS310

The ultimate epitome of versatile durability, the Alto Professional TS310 was made for great performance. These speakers boast a lightweight plastic enclosure that is extremely robust and can be mounted on a stand. This is awesome for quick and easy setup and load in and quick teardown strike at the end of the night. 

A great fit for DJs who are always on the run here and there performing various gigs and entertaining different crowds. These best DJ speakers have undergone a great deal of testing to ensure the delivery of the most premium sound quality and auditory experience. 

They have enough juice for most small to medium rooms with optimum sound quality at 800 Watts of power. For larger rooms and bass requirements at your show, you'll need to add a sub or two to make that bass pump. 

The Alto Professional TS310 also features an XLR cable or TRS cable input along with level controls. With the use of the TRS input jack, you can connect smartphones and other devices to the set itself. These are some of the best DJ speakers out there and a solid performer.

Rockville RPG8 8”

An active 2-way PA speaker running at 400 Watts, the Rockville RPG8 8” offers some admirable features to interested DJs out there. It boasts a medium 8” woofer with over 2” of voice coils. This “over 2 inches of voice coils” allows for slightly more volume to experiment with and a bombastic bass to enable a little more juice from a smaller speaker.

The fact that they offer a sturdy and durable build, a significantly higher output as well as a horn tweeter is what makes them eligible for the best DJ speakers category. 

The Rockville RPG8 8” is meant to be thoroughly enjoyed by music lovers all over. The 1.35” compression driver is constructed using premium grade pure quality titanium and sits in 40 degree large-format horizontal waveguide horn. This makes for the best and most optimum sound dispersion giving an ultimately great sound experience.

Moreover, all these commendable qualities and the fact that these are the best DJ speakers under 200 make them a very economical choice.

What to keep in mind while choosing the Best DJ Speakers

In order to get the perfect speakers that fit all your DJ needs, there are a number of factors you must always consider. We have described them below so you can use this as a buyer’s guide to help you get the best DJ speakers for you. 

What do you need them for?

Are you a DJ by hobby or by profession? Do you need it to perform at live gigs in front of a large audience or just to show your sick beats to your friends in the lab?

You must keep in mind your actual purpose before you invest in the best DJ speakers for you. This way you can select the best DJ speaker system that helps you fulfill your specific purpose.

Checkout some studio monitors if you're just doing listening parties at your home or personal studio. Don't use them for any formal parties as you'll likely run them too hard and won't be happy with the bass output in larger spaces. Get some proper PA Speakers with powered subs for parties that are appropriate. 

Passive vs Active?

Passive speakers boast more power but will not function without external amplifiers whereas active speakers while not as powerful as passive speakers, have built-in amps and they are lighter most of the time. 

These days most DJ's are running Active Speakers with amps built in. This makes setup way easier but the cabinets are heavier. The new Class D amp breakthrough over the last decade allow cooler running amp power and smaller amp designs compared to Class A, B or C. 


Wireless or Bluetooth connectivity is always a plus when it comes to choosing the best DJ speakers especially if you want to perform as it gives you the power to make adjustments easily.

Many of the DJ speakers above have the Bluetooth option to connect to your source. This allows you to not have to run wires and makes setup way faster. 


The best DJ speakers generally have more power Watts. Not all are as honest about wattage as they should buyer beware. A reputable brand will be more honest about the wattage output so keep that in mind.

If you wish to crank up the volume on your beats then the more power the better as a rule. Also, having more power than you need is best every time. If you are maxing out your speakers every weekend at gigs they will wear out faster at the high stress levels you're putting the speakers through. 

It's always better to have more powerful speakers than you need. Also in outdoor events you'll find you need more wattage than you thought to get the bass thumping.

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