Top 7 Best DJ Software to get Ultimate DJ Experience

Why getting the Best DJ Software is a crucial step for Beginners?

So many talented people aspire to become DJs. However, as they start out, they soon realize that there is a lot more to being a DJ than they had imagined. A lot of knowledge is required to become a good DJ, and more than that, it is critical to use the right equipment and software to get started.

You might have all the talent and passion in the world. But if you fail to use the best DJ software or other equipment, the results would not be as per expectation. The work of the DJ has a lot to do with preparing the set with automation. It is the software that detects tracks and keys.


The numerous options when it comes to DJ software can make anyone's head spin. Furthermore, you have to worry about the financial aspect of things. Perhaps, it is not possible for you to make a sound financial investment for the DJ software app during your initial days.


However, you cannot let your career suffer due to this. You can use the best free DJ software for beginners to get a head start. The best thing about the latest DJ software 2020 is that you wouldn't even need a keyboard or mouse for controlling it. Thus, all you need to do is find the best software and get ready to roll.


Top 7 Best DJ Software for Beginners to Create a Rage


When you commence your quest for the best software for DJing, this is one of the first options to capture your attention. The first version of the software was released in the early 2000s, and since then, it has managed to be on top with frequent updates and new hardware.

Interestingly, SERATO DJ PRO is currently considered one of the best options beginners and professionals have worldwide. The best thing about this software app is its user-friendliness. You can use the mixers and turntables without having to get entangled in complicated measures. Thus, you can focus on your creativity and let SERATO DJ PRO take care of the technicalities. This one would really make it a whole lot more feasible for you to plant your feet in the DJ world.


Anyone who aspires to be DJ will know about this brand. Pioneer DJ brand has been in the industry for decades, and its journey to the top is known by one and all. Therefore, you cannot doubt their products. Everything they offer is an epitome of reliability and quality.

REKORDBOX DJ by PIONEER DJ is indeed one of the most appealing options if you are looking for the latest DJ software 2020. It is enriched with tons of effects and is capable of amazing mixing and sampling. This one will keep you intrigued with everything that it has to offer. The feature which makes it one of the best software apps for beginners is that you wouldn't even need to spend time preparing the set. The software will do it for you. If you have just landed your first job and want to make a good impression, REKORDBOX DJ can be a valuable ally. It will make sure that your set sounds professional.

If you are on the lookout for the best free DJ software for beginners, it is interesting to note that they offer a 30-day trial. You will then have to pay a fee monthly to continue using it.


This is another quality brand that is known to offer quality products to the DJ world. It is preferred by DJs worldwide. Therefore, you can be assured that it is indeed capable of providing you with the best software. The best thing about TRAKTOR PRO by NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is that it continues to be updated to ensure maximum feasibility and satisfaction of the users.


The intuitive interface is easy to use, and the software app is filled with functions and features that will come handy in your DJ journey. This software app is designed keeping the requirements of beginners in mind. Therefore, you can be assured that you will find it highly convenient and effective. The brand continues to bring changes in its software app to retain loyal customers, and it does not disappoint. The latest TRAKTOR PRO is highly flexible and powerful, not to mention fast.


This is perhaps not the best option if you are interested in the best free DJ software for beginners. ABLETON LIVE DJ is a tad bit expensive. However, if money is not a problem, and you want a tool that allows you to unleash your full creativity, this is the one for you.


ABLETON LIVE gives you full freedom to be creative as you can create music and add your own samples via it. What makes this one of the best apps is that you no longer have to remain restricted to Tidal or SoundCloud tracks. You can make your own. Enriched with so many innovative features, this one is worthy of being counted among the best latest DJ software 2020. You might have to spend some time learning and understanding the software. But it would all prove to be worth it in the end.


Flexibility is not something you find easily in DJ software apps. However, perhaps you are not looking for only the best free mixing software and instead want something advanced. In that case, VirtualDJ PRO by ATOMIX is for you.


Although this is among the best DJ software apps in the market, not many beginners know about it. With this software, you have the potential to create a masterpiece. It has all the features you can hope for, filters, effects, samplers, and a lot more. If you want the latest DJ software for PC, you need to be willing to spend some money on it. This powerhouse DJ software app offers you everything that you need to shine in your DJ career.


One of the most popular DJ software apps, this one can take the DJ world by storm. It is indeed highly suitable for beginners due to its easy-to-follow workflow. Yet no compromises are made on tools and features. You can use the software to mix, add effects, and do a lot more. It is highly flexible and is also compatible with most MIDI controllers. With this software app, you wouldn't have to worry about preparing a set. If you are just starting, this software app will make things easier for you.


Those looking for best free DJ software for beginners will find their search ending with MIXXX. Perhaps you just want to make sure that the DJ world is for you before investing in it financially. This is where this software app comes to your rescue. This one is available for use, free of cost. You wouldn't have to bear any hidden fees for this one. Thus, if you want the best software that wouldn't cost a penny, this is the perfect option.


Although free, it is provided with ample features that will make DJing fun for you. With this one, you can learn for some time and understand DJing a bit better. If you decide that being a DJ is indeed what you want to do, you can go for something more advanced.


Things to Consider when Picking the Best DJ Software

With the various contenders vying for the tag, making a decision can be confusing. Let us look at some factors you should consider to determine which software app works for you.


Before you endeavor to find the best software for DJing, you need to decide how much you are willing to pay for it. Do you have the budget to invest in a powerful software app, or would you prefer starting with the best free DJ software for beginners? Keep in mind that it is not just the software that you will need. A lot of other tools and equipment are required to get you started as a DJ. These included controllers, laptops, and headphones, among other things. Therefore, you need to determine your budget beforehand.


Quality hardware can be quite expensive. In the end, you might not have enough to buy powerful DJ software. Therefore, calculate your finances before buying the best DJ software. You can easily start with the best free mixing software initially if money is tight. Upgrade once you start getting more DJ gigs.

Important Features

All the DJ software apps have features that make then unique. All have their pros and cons. It is up to you to determine which function is of importance for your DJing. Most brands endeavor to attract beginners.  You need to ensure that the software app is not too complex and offers optimal detailing and accuracy. You wouldn't want to get so occupied with understanding the software that your creativity suffers.


When you are starting, try to keep things simple. Do not get carried away with too many features. Instead, focus more on easy-to-use workflow. Once you master it, you can move to a more advanced option.

Quality Factors

This shouldn't even be a question. Quality of your DJ software is crucial in determining how your gig would turn out. Determining the quality of DJ software is trickier than gauging the quality of other stuff. In this case, it is the program that you have to focus on. For one thing, the software should offer optimal stability to be worthy of being considered the best.

Make sure that the program does not crash too frequently. It can make things difficult for you. The speed of the application is equally vital. It is advisable to opt for one of the latest DJ software 2020 that offers frequent updates. This gives you the idea that the brand pays attention to user-experience and endeavors to improve it. A brand that cares about its consumers' requirements is for keeps.

Always read reviews before opting for any DJ software. Even if you intend to use the best free DJ software for beginners, find out more about it. You need to ensure that the software would not become a source of embarrassment for you in one of your gigs.

Layout that works for you

This depends on your preference. On the outlook, most DJ software apps seem to have a similar interface and layout. However, a closer look reveals the differences in the design and location of tabs.

Some people are comfortable with vertical layouts, while others prefer horizontal ones. It is up to you to decide which layout works for you. The one that offers maximum comfort and efficiency is the best DJ software for you. DJing is all about inspiration. If you think your efficiency will be improved with a certain interface or layout, don't hesitate to use it.

Relevant Compatibility

Usually, DJ apps are designed to be compatible with all types of gear. However, being sure seldom hurts. You wouldn't want to get a software app to realize later that it doesn't work with your equipment. The best DJ software won't be of any use if it isn't compatible with the rest of your stuff. Maybe you got the latest DJ software for PC only to find out later that you cannot use it. Therefore, ensure you get the software compatible with your gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why DJ Software is Important

This is something beginners often get confused about. To put it in simple terms, the DJ software program is one via which you can combine individual music tracks to create a new record. Think of it as a mixer between two turntables digitally. DJ software saves quite a bit of your time. Manually, mixing can take hours. However, with the best DJ software app at your side, you can get done with the whole thing in a matter of minutes. The app keys in the tracks. Thus, your only responsibility is to get the tracks ready for the set. Initially, you might find your creativity limited due to using a particular software app. However, you will soon realize that establishing your feet in the DJ world is not that easy, and a bit of help is warranted. This is the whole purpose of DJ software programs.

What does Beatmatching mean?

Have you ever been to a party where the DJ keeps changing tempos? It can, indeed, be frustrating and annoying. This is not something you would want to do in one of your gigs. Therefore, there should be minimal switching in the tempos. Plan accordingly. For instance, people are less likely to dance by the end of the night as they would be tired. You can save slower tracks for this period. This is where beatmatching can come to your assistance. This refers to picking tracks having similar BPM and layering them one after the other. With the right beatmatching, you can earn the love and praise of your audience.

What is Sync or Auto Beatmatching?

You might have heard that some DJs prefer to get the best free mixing software. Usually, this is done for sync. Auto-beatmatching refers to the automated process wherein tracks are mixed together. All that you need to do is press a button, and your work is done. Although it is quite convenient, it puts a hold on creativity. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether you are comfortable using this feature or not.

Which is the Best DJ Software?

This solely depends on your preference. The best software app is the one that caters to all your requirements. While some prefer SERATO DJ PRO, it is the ABLETON LIVE DJ that does the trick for others. A lot of beginners are quite happy with MIXXX as well. Therefore, determine the valuable features for you, and you will get the best DJ software suited to your needs. Do not forget to make sure that the software is compatible with your gear.

What is a Digital Vinyl System?

Commonly referred to as DVS, this offers flexibility and convenience to the DJs. DVS can be reused for years, saving quite a bit of money. However, all software applications are not compatible with this system. Therefore, if you intend to use it, make sure you get the right software app.

Which DJ Software is easiest to use?

Short cuts are not the best way to go if you are just starting. Be prepared to have a bit of a learning period during your initial phase. However, if you want a DJ software app with a user-friendly interface, the Serato DJ pro might be a good option.

It can be confusing and overwhelming to pick the right DJ software app for your use. However, make sure that you pay heed to all the relevant factors. Weigh all your options before arriving at a decision. Remember, selecting the DJ software is just an initial step. You have a long way to go.

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