Top 9 Best DJ Accessories Must Haves of 2021

Best DJ Accessories of 2021 – Top Rated Picks

The world of event management has immensely diversified over the past decade. This has influenced DJing to progress rapidly as well. And with the kind of pace the market dynamics have maintained, the only way to survive, sustain, and thrive is to cope with the ever-changing industry. We have seen simple events that were all-vinyl and turntable setups only but now, expectations are higher and much larger, more flexible, and more powerful digital setups with supporting gear to put on a foolproof show is the demand.

Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on – old school or new and upgraded all demanding school – evolution is pivotal to your success and for that exploring products from manufacturers and brands going head-to-head to bring out the very best DJ accessories on the market is important.

Here is our take on the must-haves of this year and a quick tour of the products we love best. To each is their own, however, our recommendations have historically gone a long way for Djing enthusiasts. So dive into the following insights and make a choice bound to only help you excel in your endeavor.

Shure GLXD24SM58Z2 Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone System

It is said that when performances are free from dwindling wires, they can go to exciting places. So set your DJ endeavors free and perform to your fullest with 2021’s favorite Shure Microphone System - GLXD24SM58Z2 Digital Wireless Handheld system.

Usually, noise and dropouts can stop any big performance and make it non-influential. In that case, offerings like Shure microphones allow great sound to be achieved out of a dependable wireless microphone system. The most important fact is that it is a digital system meaning a portable technology to perform without limits.


  • 1 - PS24 power supply
  • 1 - 95D16526 Carrying case
  • 1 - 31B1856 Thread Adapter
  • 1 - 95A21651 USB cable

Things that must be considered before buying any sound system are that, if it’s good in terms of quality, power consumption, and efficiency, it’s a must-have. Because a DJ’s whole performance depends on it. One bad investment and it’s all down in the drain. So the above-mentioned products are the must-have for the year 2021.

Headliner HL20000 Noho Laptop Stand

Having the right computer set-up for DJ careers is crucial. However, choosing the right technology is only the first step to completing the supporting DJ accessories gear. Technology must also comply with the needs of comfort, implying that your laptop set up gives you more power to perform and elevate the event’s mood.

With a DJ laptop stand or mounting system, one can have quick and easy access to computers and software. So, investing in that is definitely worth a shot!

Whether at DJing at home, in a closed arena, or at a concert, the Noho headliner laptop stand is configured to complement a perfect DJ setup. It has a telescopic neck to change its height from 11′′ to 16′′ and a 360° rotating plate which enables the booth to be placed in the center of the setting or at the side. It is also suitable for 45 bar angles, making it handy for use with tablets or other equipment.

The major reason we suggest the Noho is that it features:

  • Fits laptops up to 17″
  • Telescoping neck adjustable height from 11″ to 16″.
  • The platter rotates 360˚ horizontally
  • 45˚ vertical tilt for use with tablets or drum machines
  • Folds flat for travel

Safe to say, these features make it the missing puzzle piece in other DJ accessories you have!

Odyssey ATT2, Folding DJ Table with Adjustable Sides

DJ set-ups in the old times required placing a 15″ tall rack on top of a fixed table to make sure the stars of the show are visible to the audience. It was obviously efficient back then but with modernity, need for adaptability, and ergonomic stability, DJ gear is required to be more adept. By that we mean, more flexible, more portable, and of course easier to carry (wallet-friendly too).

Now, an apt DJ ensemble will fill any space with the right groove and Odyssey folding tables are our pitch for the much-needed DJ accessories ensemble of 2021. But why this one?

It features swiveling side platforms, a work surface of 18. 5" x 19. 5" each, and fold-flat portability with immeasurable ease of performing without having to bring in rigid tables that require huge installation supports.

To set up your machine or music use this clean tapestry design board. This classic High-Grade Aluminum Support Odyssey ATT2 DJ folding table features a pre-tapped port hole for cable runs and an easy-to-carry strapping. The height-adjustable folding leg system is 26 to 38 inches. It can be 150 lbs. (evenly distributed)

What is the delay then? Get one today!!!!

Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1800 FLEX Fog Machine With Remote

DJs can single-handedly turn the ambiance of any event around. Yup, single-handedly but with the support of DJ accessories like Fog machines. So, this year we suggest you put some money here as well.

Events, their lighting, technological inclusion, and well all aspects of DJing have evolved. It is safe to say that fog machines too have kept up with the evolution. Our ultimate favorites like Chauvet Fog Machines DJ Hurricane 1800 FLEX Fog Maker With Remote have turned things around in a budget-friendly way. It was a popular choice last year and it still enjoys the position. Owing to the multifaceted benefits it offers, this selection known to be the longest-running best fog machine tops every list. Our too!

With an intense output of 25,000 cfm (cubit feet/minute) from the 1800 flex fog machine, Chauvet has brought surreal rave to real life. This output allows you to get a lot of fog in a small amount of time. The tilting head allows you to perfectly place a fog, even when the unit might be off your focal point. It is ultimately a recommendation we hope you do not skip because we feel this along with your other DJ accessories will bring you much more growth.

Chauvet DJ Freedom Par QUAD 4 IP Indoor/Outdoor RGBA Wireless LED Wash in White

Investing in LEDs is a must this year too.

LEDs are said to be the life of any event. Better yet, an absolute necessity that helps bring events to life. Now, with that being said, it is important to highlight that among DJ accessories loved for 2021, the right pick of LEDs is important. Here’s why:

LED Lights are a must-have for any DJ gear offering banquet events, weddings, parties, graduation ceremonies, and concerts. LEDs don’t have to be super-complicated or expensive, anything that sustains heat is capable of providing apt light and is well in the budget is a hit. Lights are powerful, colorful, and mood-elevating supporting DJ accessories that light up smaller spaces as well as provide an ambiance for a larger room with multiple installations. They have the power to transform a front room into a real rave. Whether LEDs you choose are 7-color sound-responsive lights or remote controllable dimmable ones, they have become a much sought-after DJ equipment addition.

In short, LEDs are a cheap, yet powerful solution to accentuating event details and masking the unlovable. If placed correctly, LEDs can help DJs gauge the mood of the event and make sure everyone goes home with cherishable memories and no headaches.

Our top-rated DJ accessories pick for the 2021 LED category is the Chauvet DJ Freedom Par QUAD 4 IP Indoor/Outdoor RGBA Wireless LED Wash in White and the Elation E Spot III 90W Cool White Solid State LED Spot Light. Both of these LEDs are equipped with built-in shows and patterns which are controllable via the included remote. They’re very easy to set up and will blast away all night – for the price, you’d be unfortunate not to add some of these superb lights to your arsenal.

Shure SRH1840 Professional Open Back Headphones (Black)

DJs are always looking for the best DJ headphones. The reason being, they need it to create a perfect mix, ensure quality sound and keep away from distractions. Some DJs wear headphones as a part of their fashionable DJ gear while others stick to focusing on hearing the music they create. Either way, putting up with a DJ persona while also offering the artistic talent they have is not simple and so, this is one DJ accessory we are emphasizing on.

Our major favorite for 2021 is the SRH1840 Professional Open-Back Shure Headphones. They feature individually adapted drivers, including smooth, extended, and accurate bass, for unequaled acoustic performance. The custom-made design is extremely lightweight and durable, designed with premium materials and precise engineering.

Undoubtedly, one of the best decisions you would make this year. 

Chauvet Dj EZGobo Battery Powered LED Gobo Projector

It's tricky to keep a large audience engaged and interested. While DJs can definitely attract everyone’s attention, their gear can greatly make the action effortless. To reach numerous people at once, projectors make a perfect choice!

Chauvet LED Gobo Projector - Dj EZGobo Battery Powered. This premium offering is a battery-powered projector is what we are bidding on this year. It features a custom image projection anywhere. As a battery-powered LED gobo projector, the EZGobo gives you the innovative freedom to create modern designs for the dance floor, or use 1 of the 10 wedding gobos for the perfect romantic touch. You have the freedom to print your own gobos on transparency film. It features manual zoom for short-throw or long-throw applications and using the contained wireless remote, you can control the dimming operations. It has a magnetic base that affixes to metal surfaces and a scissor clip that attaches to drop ceiling supports for cable management.

Usually, these projectors come with a carry bag that transports your fixture safely and securely and has convenient side pockets that allow you to carry cables, clamps, and other handy accessories. It is internally padded and features a handle & shoulder strap.

You’re hopefully convinced by now to make a move in favor of this projector!

Ultimate Support TS80B Speaker Stands with Bag 90D Canvas Carry Bag

Without them, speakers wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

That’s right.

This year, one of our top DJ accessories picks is a stand your most important equipment stands on! Often overlooked, speaker stands are important but part of any DJ’s equipment arsenal. We try to overlook them sometimes but they are highly important.

Of course, speakers can be kept on the ground. However, that is a bad choice some DJs make. Speakers kept on the ground are frequently kicked, damaged, and even sometimes responsible for unwanted distortion during the event. Some speakers even just lying there is a recipe for disaster as people may trip over.

Owing to the fact that floor level usually is not optimal for hearing music, speaker stands are a must-have in the DJ accessories arsenal. The best DJ speaker stands from the DJ stands collection are beautifully appealing, have the stability to work on multiple surfaces, can adjust to different heights for optimal hearing, and can hold a variety of speaker types. Finding one that meets all of your needs while fitting your budget is ideal as well. This year, we ask you to look into the Ultimate Support TS80B Speaker Stands with Bag 90D Canvas Carry Bag. This is a premium selection that promises a hassle-free experience and to date has been known to live up to that promise.

DJ Equipment Packages FTW!

This year, we are also suggesting bundle buys. Why? Because DJ accessories in packages are an investment worth making and of course, much cheaper than individual buys. You can reach out to providers like Hollywood DJ and get a custom DJ accessories or DJ equipment package to suit your needs and your budget without spending a fortune and still regretting the deal.

Where to Buy DJ Equipment on Deals?

Despite having several names to pitch when inquiring about cool DJ accessories, we almost always vouch for Hollywood Dj whenever asked. The reason being, we find the best DJ accessories at the most affordable rates with purchase flexibility at this one-stop-shop. Moreover, it is a trusted name that we rely on when it comes to professional DJ equipment. Always living up to our expectations, their selection is elaborate and readily delivered without delays. Well, what more can we ask?

Also, chances are that you find the best equipment deals at Hollywood DJ and make this year truly a win for your DJ endeavors. Get your DJ gear ready with all the big and smalls, front line and supporter accessories, and take on the events world with an all-new confidence. After all, it's 2021, and coming slow is just not an option!!!

So, stop searching, start collecting – a DJ gear, comprising the ultimate superstars of 2021 most wanted DJ accessories.

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