Wedding DJ Lighting Guide
  • Gobo Lighting
  • Uplights or Uplighting
  • Moving Head Lights
  • Laser Lights
  • DJ Lighting Scrim Covers
  • Haze Machine


Depending on what kind of budget your client has you’ll want to plan accordingly. Gobo lighting with some nice rose, star or flower patterns can really set the mood.

You can get personalized Gobos prior to the event from any DJ supply house. Getting the event name or name of the bride and groom setup to display on a wall using a gobo is popular and expected with a high end professional wedding dj show.


Uplights are the lights you see casting a tall beam of color against the wall. Chauvet DJ Uplights are rechargeable and easy to setup. Chauvet DJ Uplights are top of the line and come in a variety of brightness and wash or spot focus.


You’ll also find color changing or color switchable uplights. This allows you to change the color of the entire environment (especially white backgrounds or drapes) to any color you desire. Use DMX controlled Uplights with Bluetooth to sync or easily turn the entire room a different color using a bank of uplights and your controller.


For example; coordinate all of your uplights to an electric blue during the special dance during a wedding and keep your spotlight soft white on the bride and groom.

Moving Head Lights add movement and excitement to your wedding dance floor. Moving head lights can be sync’d together in Totem mode or run independently.


Experienced DJ’s will use DMX to control the lighting with a laptop or external controller. You can also sync lights to the beat of the music once the party kicks off and the special dances are completed.


There are many variations of Moving heads, come of which even have Gobo’s built in! Yup, Chauvet DJ makes a light called the Intimidator Hybrid 140SR  that actually has full moving head capability and doubles as a Gobo Projector!


This means the Intimidator can go double duty as your gobo and then switch to a traditional exciting moving head effect with rotating beam and strobing later in the show! And no, those bad boys are not cheap, Intimidators are around $1500 but worth every penny.

Having all of the right types of DJ Lighting at your Wedding gig is essential and you'll get a reputation around town for having the best shows. That means more client, and yes charging more. You'll even start to pick and choose the high end wedding clients you want instead of struggling to get them!

Something else that's been a big hit at weddings is the Odyssey Photo Booth. This kiosk and printer stand combo is built to hold your Surface Pro, digital camera, and printer. This will definitely attract a crowd at any event. There are many options and accessories available. Check out all of our Photo Booth Gear!

You may also want to up your speaker game with some of our new Mackie Powered Speakers including the DRM Series speaker arrays!

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