DJs have given new dimensions to the idea of music creation. Whether it's a corporate party or a live concert, the melodic magic of a DJ always breathes life in the audience. If there’s anything more exciting than seeing a professional disk jokey set the stage ablaze with his overwhelming talent, its the experience of being the big man himself. Before you get to be in that spotlight, you need to know where to start  and this DJ blog will walk you through the best DJ equipment in the market.


So what does a DJ actually do? 

A DJ blends music tracks into one another and engages the audience. It might seem simple enough at first but there's more to just putting up a lively front and pushing a bunch of buttons.  In Fact if someone thinks you don’t have to be a musician to DJ then nothing can be further than the truth. Same music rules apply and the more you’re familiar with music theory the better DJing you’ll be capable of. 


When it comes to mixing, songs are not of the same tempo. In more technical terms their beats don’t match. A DJ who knows his/her way around their controller or mixer can sync the drumbeats of two songs and turn one track’s volume down while smoothly turning it up for the next. This is called beatmatching and that’s what DJs are doing when they’re listining to their headphones and nudging the platter. 

Manipulating Music  

Beatmatching is the ground work on which a DJ showcases his talents. The various knobs and sliders DJs seem to be so obsessed with, when on stage, have to do with making the switching between tracks as seamless as possible. That seemingly never-ending stream of music is the crossfaders and EQ knobs at play. 

The FX 

The FX are special effects that spice up the tracks. If a DJ is skilled enough, they can use FX to take an adventurous drift with fan favorite songs keeping it unexpected but enjoyable. FX is also one of the tricks of the trade DJs use to keep their transitions under the radar.  

Reading the Audience 

The equipment does most of the work for them but since the panel doesn’t have a sensor for the crowd’s mood, a professional DJ remembers to leave his head and connect with the audience. The venue and the theme also influence the song choice but getting everyone off their seats and dancing to grandma’s favorite 70s song is why a DJ is the magic man even in formal settings.

Beginners often get carried away by all the technical jargons and whatnot, associated with a typical DJ controller or  DJ mixers but choosing the right hardware in the start could make a lot of difference.You want something with which you can get on with the basics right away. 

Fret not ! Because  we have the most exclusive DJ equipment available at our website. Lets dive right into the specs.


B-Stock: Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 Scratch Style 2-Channel DJ Mixer for Serato DJ Pro

When a beginner DJ  starts  looking for a mixer he/she is bombarded with a variety of DJ mixers and DJ controllers left and right. No one likes to remain indecisive forever so they end up purchasing something too advanced. The Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 can make your life easy especially if you’re  a beginner DJ. It's a user-friendly model and is equipped with most of the latest features which is why it naturally suits rookies. That doesn’t mean it has any limitations because it is highly preferred by many experienced DJs for their professional performance. 

Inside the box

Straight out of the box you'll be looking at a classic battle style Serato ready DJ mixer. When you finally lay your hands on this beast of a mixer you can feel it's worth your money. It's no secret why the  Pioneer DJ mixer is one of the most iconic pieces of hardware and a technological hallmark.

Along with the high-quality USB cables and power adaptors, you get a free three months membership card to DJ city. Check out the Unboxing of this mixer right here.

B-Stock: Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 Scratch Style 2-Channel DJ Mixer for Serato DJ Pro

Built in sound card

Another awesome perk of this DJ mixer is its  built-in sound card. With a single USB cable you can have complete access to Serato DJ Pro which makes mixing and scratching your digital files via turntables a breeze.

With DVS support, you can hook your DJ setup  with a  laptop or MacBook and start jamming right away!  

Magvel Crossfader

Instead of the regular optical position detector the magvel crossfader is equipped with a magnetic position detector, hence the name magvel fader. Scratching can really do a number on  the fader which is why the DJ-MS3 comes with a fader that is made to withstand the heat of the performance. The Magvil fader’s  tendency to take on intense and recurring use arguably makes the DJ-MS3  the best scratch mixer. Features like  Mass, smoothness, Adjustability, and bounce when on the edge can really take your performance to another level. The Magvel fader is simply a dream come true for every DJ. If you’re interested in your craft you can learn everything about the evolution of Magvel fader here. 

Let your creativity guide you

The DDJ-SP1 DJ controller can also be connected to take full advantage of its large Performance Pads for tactile control of many Serato DJ Pro features, including its FX. Speaking of FX the filter knob on each channel can be turned  to create unique textures. By adjusting the parameter knob, you can take control of resonance and introduce tension to your mixes


The rich DJing experience and learning opportunity this DJ mixer for beginners  packs is so reasonable on your wallet that it's almost too good to be true. Realize your true calling with the Pioneer DJ mixer for just $474!

Yorkville PGM8, 8-Channel DJ Mixer with Digital Effects and Graphic EQ

The Yorkville PGM8 has proven its mettle on every stage and its affordability means beginner DJ can get their hands on it. It comes with  eight channels and offers built-in digital effects you can easily navigate through, making versatility and compactness its sales pitch.  Check out this video review of the yorkville mixer. 

The Ultimate DJ package

  The Yorkville mixer offers everything a DJ wants and thensome. Four mono and two stereo line inputs with direct connections which support a guitar or bass. All  eight channels feature a high-pass filter, 3-band EQ, integrated soft-knee compression, and a 60mm fader. You also have control over  pan, mute, and can see monitor level, and aux send levels in real time. Being proud of this controller is surely something the designers and owners have in common.

Yorkville PGM8, 8-Channel DJ Mixer with Digital Effects and Graphic EQ

Never Miss a Beat

The Yorkville Mixer is so versatile that it's a whole studio within itself. With this DJ equipment you can rise above the limitations posed by the usual DJ mixers. From live recording and practicing to perform and experimenting all at the same time, this beast of a mixer engages all of your DJ instincts simultaneously as you catch your audience off guard  with your irresistible performance.

Don’t worry if your processor is not cooperating because  you can use the built-in 24-bit stereo digital effects processor which carries a staggering 16 presets such as reverb, echo, modulation, and whatnot. If you’re still looking for more then wait till you get a load of what the 7-band graphic equalizer does to the tone of your mix. You can be up on the stage rocking the audience with the PGM8 connected to PA speakers through its XLR and 1/4" main outputs and simultaneously catching the instantaneous feedback using the monitor and headphone output jacks, all while an outboard mix recorder catches your performance via the RCA record outputs on your mixer. 

It would be criminal to miss out on this top-notch DJ equipment which is so generously affordable. Discover your passion with the Yorkville PGM8, 8-Channel DJ Mixer for just a meager $439. Place your order today.


Roland DJ-99 2-Channel Special Edition DJ Mixer

To celebrate the 33rd anniversary of their 909 drum series Roland entered the DJ market  with the Roland DJ-99. There are plenty of reasons as to  why the 909 series is nothing but good news for aspiring DJs who have just set foot in  the industry.

The 909 is the definition of simplicity and it screams quality. Its user-friendly layout and minimalist design make it an ideal mixer for anyone who's struggling to wrap their mind around scratching, beat matching, juggling, and other basic techniques of DJing. The Roland mixer features a 3-band equalizer on every channel, a microphone input, both 1/4" and 1/8"  headphones outputs, a master output, and a booth output with dedicated volume control as well as advanced monitoring modes. View this video for getting a visual feel of the roland mixer. 

Premium-grade Mini Innofader

The crossfader dictates the quality of scratching. Without a pro-grade crossfader you’d be screeching a wall instead of scratching.  Researching the downfall of crossfaders and the evolving habits of professional DJs while  performing, engineers innovated the Mini Innofader. With its lightning-fast 0.8 msec response it's nothing less than a miracle. Along with the standard curves it offers a hairline precision and cut point exactly where you want it on the go!. The innofader is 100% resistant to dust, smoke, temperature, and moisture so it's pretty low maintenance.

Forget about Compatibility Issues

 With the Roland mixer learning is no longer an ordeal but something you’re always looking forward to getting back to. Switching between traditional turntable setup and DVS systems is no big deal thanks to the extra pair of timecode send and return RCA connectors which allow you to connect to an audio interface such as the SL3 for Serato.

A purchaser from amazon had this to say about The Roland DJ-99:

"I bought this as a first mixer to learn turntablism over one year ago. My original intention was to learn on it, and then upgrade to something else. I played this thing hard almost everyday for hours. I learned how to scratch, beat match, juggle, and many more tricks. It's amazing. I have played several shows with it at small venues with high quality sound systems. It worked perfect every time. I thought I would be upgrading this year, but I won't. This is my go to mixer when I want to do a minimalist vinyl show. No need to upgrade. I hope Roland continues to expand this line of DJ equipment. Lots of potential from such a simple setup. Nice."

The Roland DJ-99 is must-have DJ equipment and it falls well within a wallet-friendly range. Introduce yourself to the world of DJing with the Roland DJ-99 2-Channel Special Edition DJ Mixer today for just $249 . Order now and get started right away!

Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 2-Channel DJ Mixer

Inheriting some of the exclusive features of the populer DJM-250 the Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 brings out your inner artist.. Its top-notch technology carries every professional feature in the book including 3-band isolators, the mighty magvel crossfader, dedicated sound color FX filters for each channel, and a built-in USB sound card. 

Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 2-Channel DJ Mixer

Your Companion From Rags to Riches 

Whether you roll with a  DVS system or prefer a vintage vinyl setup the DJM-250MK2 can cater for all your needs, giving you the wheel during practice or performance, anywhere anytime. With Its robust magvel crossfader, you will be performing highly complex scratch techniques like its nothing. Its classic Pioneer Isolator EQs will have you extracting unique mixes from your tunes of choice

With this DJ setup you will blow your audience away with never ending streams of music.The mixer’s channel fades, and the 3-band isolators provide precision across the highs, mids, and lows. By turning the knob all the way left you can eliminate each frequency range making your transitions totally seamless.

Sound Color FX

Throw unique mixes with 6 studio-quality sound FX - Sweep, Filter, Crush, Dub Echo, Noise, and Space which are readily available on every channel. The parameter control knobs can be used to tune up the FX exactly to your taste and tweak with resonance and tension to spice up your performance.


Other than this premium music blender, In the box is your ticket to Pioneer's rekordbox DJ and the rekordbox DVS expansion which saves you £198! Connect the Mixer with a single USB cable to your Macbook or laptop and the embedded stereo USB sound card  takes care of the rest. Scratching and mixing music from your library cannot get any easier.

Experience the exhilarating feeling of timeless quality mixing on the most minimalistic design possible for only $296. Place your order today from our website Hollywood DJ.

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