Top-Notch DJ Mixers for Beginner DJs in 2022

DJing is one of the most exciting and in-demand subfields in the realm of music. If your dream is to make a name for yourself as a master DJ then you're in for a world of adventure where you sway crowds admiring your mad skills as you rock the stage with your passion. If you have a few bucks to spare and a bit of self-discipline, then all that passion just needs a suitable platform, a trustie DJ mixer and you're well on your way to learning and earning. In this DJ blog, you will explore the best DJ mixers the market has to offer. Without further ado, let's dive right in!

B-Stock: Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 Scratch Style 2-Channel DJ Mixer for Serato DJ Pro

When a new DJ enters the business looking for a mixer he/she is bombarded with a variety of mixers and almost always end up purchasing something too advanced.The Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 tackles many of the problems a new DJ has to face as it is not only a user-friendly model but is also equipped with the latest features which is a plus considering it's a DJ mixer for beginners. Nonetheless, it is frequently used by many experienced DJs on their professional performance. 

What’s inside the box?

Straight out of the box you'll be looking at a classic battle style Serato ready DJ mixer. Unwrapping and laying your eyes upon this beast for the first time is truly an electrifying experience. No wonder the Pioneer DJ mixer is one of the most iconic pieces of hardware, not only in the DJ industry but in the overall tech industry.

Apart from high-quality USB cables and power adaptors, you get a free three months membership card to DJ city. Another awesome perk of the Pioneer DJ mixer is that it comes with a built-in sound card with DVS support, so you can hook it up with your laptop or MacBook and just start jamming.  

B-Stock: Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 Scratch Style 2-Channel DJ Mixer for Serato DJ Pro

Magvel Crossfader

Unlike a regular crossfader which has an optical position detector the magvel crossfader is equipped with a magnetic position detector, hence the name magvel fader. Scratching is really hard on the fader that's why the DJ-MS3 is equipped with one which is made to withstand intense and recurring use,arguably making it the best scratch mixer. Offering Mass, smoothness, Adjustability, and bounce when on the edge, the Magvel fader is simply a dream come true for every DJ.

The rich DJing experience and learning opportunity this DJ mixer for beginners  packs is so reasonable on your wallet that it's almost too good to be true. Realize your true calling with the Pioneer DJ mixer for just $474! Place your order today.

Yorkville PGM8, 8-Channel DJ Mixer with Digital Effects and Graphic EQ

The Yorkville PGM8 is among the top-tier DJ mixers any new DJ can get their hands on. It incorporates eight channels and offers built-in digital effects in a space-saving format, making versatility and compactness its sales pitch.

Get the Full Potential

The Yorkville mixer offers everything a DJ wants and more all at once. Straight outta the box you’ll be looking at four mono and two stereo line inputs with provision for direct connection of a guitar or bass. Each of the eight channels features a high-pass filter, 3-band EQ, integrated soft-knee compression, and a 60mm fader. The mixer also features controls for pan, mute, monitor level, and aux send levels. The designers of this top-notch mixer certainly didn’t cut any corners!

Yorkville PGM8, 8-Channel DJ Mixer with Digital Effects and Graphic EQ

Explore a Whole New World of DJing

The Yorkville Mixer is so versatile that it's not just a mixer but a whole studio within itself. From live recording and practicing to performing and experimenting all at the same time, this beast of a mixer engages all of your DJ instincts simultaneously as you blow away your audience with your irresistible vibe.

If you don't have your own processor at hand you can utilize the built-in 24-bit stereo digital effects processor which carries a ridiculous 16 presets such as reverb, echo, modulation, and whatnot. Just when you think it can't get any better you can even enhance the tone of your mix with the stereo 7-band graphic equalizer. You can be up on the stage swaying the audience to your rhythm with the PGM8 connected to PA speakers through its XLR and 1/4" main outputs and simultaneously catch your instantaneous feedback using the monitor and headphone output jacks, all while an outboard mix recorder catches your performance via the RCA record outputs on your mixer. 

There really is no reason to not buy this top-notch DJ mixer for beginners considering it's so affordable that you'd start thinking maybe the market does care about you after all, which it doesn't. Discover your passion with the Yorkville PGM8, 8-Channel DJ Mixer for just a meager $439

Roland DJ-99 2-Channel Special Edition DJ Mixer

On the 33rd anniversary of their 909 drum series Roland made an entry in the DJ market armed with their all new Roland DJ-99. There are way more than a few reasons why the 909 series is a life-saver for aspiring DJs who have just entered the industry.

As a nod to their own iconic TR 909 drum, Roland featured the DJ-99 mixer with the same color scheme and texture as the TR 909. The 909 is the epitome of simplicity and great quality. Its straightforward layout and solid design make it an ideal mixer for anyone who's having a hard time getting familiar with the idea of scratching, beat matching, juggling, and other basic techniques of DJing. The Roland mixer features a 3-band equalizer per channel, a microphone input, both 1/4" and 1/8"  headphones outputs, a master output, and a booth output with dedicated volume control as well as advanced monitoring modes. 

Pro-Grade Mini Innofader

The crossfader breathes life into the soul of scratching. The lack of a high-grade crossfader renders the entire mixer useless.  By studying the technical shortcomings of crossfaders and the evolving habits of professional DJs amid their performance, engineers innovated the Mini Innofader. It boasts a lightning-fast 0.8 msec response and along with the standard curves offers a hairline precision and cut point exactly where you want it on the fly!. This fader is 100% resistant to dust, smoke, temperature, and moisture so you won’t need to replace it any time soon.

Say Good-bye to Technical Compatibility Issues

 The Roland mixer is highly mood compatible which is great news for someone who approaches the craft of DJing as an apprentice. Switching between traditional turntable setup and DVS systems cannot get any easier thanks to the extra pair of timecode send and return RCA connectors which allow you to connect to an audio interface such as the SL3 for Serato.

A purchaser from amazon had this to say about The Roland DJ-99:

"I bought this as a first mixer to learn turntablism over one year ago. My original intention was to learn on it, and then upgrade to something else. I played this thing hard almost everyday for hours. I learned how to scratch, beat match, juggle, and many more tricks. It's amazing. I have played several shows with it at small venues with high quality sound systems. It worked perfect every time. I thought I would be upgrading this year, but I won't. This is my go to mixer when I want to do a minimalist vinyl show. No need to upgrade. I hope Roland continues to expand this line of DJ equipment. Lots of potential from such a simple setup. Nice."

The Roland DJ-99 is easily one of the best scratch mixers for beginners in such a wallet-friendly range. Introduce yourself to the world of DJing with the Roland DJ-99 2-Channel Special Edition DJ Mixer today for just $249

Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 2-Channel DJ Mixer

Carrying the legacy of the famous  DJM-250 the Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 ignites your inner artist with its pro-grade features and premium design. Its cutting-edge technology houses several professional features including 3-band isolators, the famous magvel crossfader, dedicated sound color FX filter for each channel, and a built-in USB sound card. 

Your Companion From Rookie To Professional 

Whether a DVS system suits you or a vintage vinyl setup is more to your taste the DJM-250MK2 can launch you into your creative zone, making you feel in control during practice or performance, anywhere anytime. Its extremely durable magvel crossfader will have you performing highly sophisticated scratch techniques without breaking a sweat. Its classic Pioneer Isolator EQs will let you carve out new mixes from your favorite tunes.

Sound Color FX

Spice up your mixes with 6 studio-quality sound FX - Sweep, Filter, Crush, Dub Echo, Noise, and Space which are accessible on every channel. Using the parameter control knobs you can tune up the FX just the way you like it and start playing with resonance and tension.

Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 2-Channel DJ Mixer


Other than this premium music blender the box carries your gateway to  Pioneer's rekordbox DJ and the rekordbox DVS expansion saving you £198! Just hook up your Pioneer DJ Mixer with a single USB cable to your Macbook or laptop and the fully integrated stereo USB sound card takes it from there. No wonder this Pioneer mixer makes scratching and mixing music from your library a breeze.

Experience the exhilarating feeling of timeless quality mixing on the most minimalistic design possible for only $296. Place your order today from our website Hollywood DJ.

Peavey PV 10 AT 120US Compact 10 Channel DJ Mixer with Bluetooth and Antares Auto-Tune

As a DJ you'll be more than just someone who mixes songs so why should you have a mixer which can offer you everything that can engage your creative faculties? The Peavey PV 10 is a 10-channel studio-grade, Bluetooth-enabled analog DJ mixer with onboard guitar hi-Z preamps and digital effects, four universal low-noise microphone preamps, stereo 1/4" inputs, stereo RCA ins, onboard USB-A for MP3 playback and recording.  

Never Miss a Beat  

 Whether you're entertaining your melody-hungry audience on Karaoke or performing for an enthusiastic crowd in the dead of night this Peavey DJ mixer will keep you blending tracks seamlessly  one after the other. When the mood is all set you can easily plug in your electronic guitar right into one of the preamp mic inputs and the guitar preshape function of your mixer takes care of the rest. It might sound like a bit of an exaggeration but you can bid farewell to those DI boxes and extra hardware. As a cherry on-top the dedicated engineers of sweetwater added the highly desirable feature of Antares autotune effect to the mix. Enhance your vocals by simply pressing the EFX select in the digital effects media playback section and AT button. 

Peavey PV 10 AT 120US Compact 10 Channel DJ Mixer with Bluetooth and Antares Auto-Tune

Capture Your Inner Voice in its True Sense

When you retreat back to your lab to immerse in this whole rhapsody and experiment with ideas the PEAVEY MIXER is just the companion for these artistic moments. the low-noise microphone preamps, stereo 1/4" inputs paired with the onboard EQ, and preamp specifically for your electric guitar will take you in your flow state before you'll know it. In the end, whether you're sending this quality-rich output signal to your DAW interface for recording or a PA system the Peavey will make sure to never waste a single moment of your creative spirit.

A sweetwater client had this to say about this marvelous product

'I was on the fence about buying this mixer until I got Sweetwaters email about a price drop. I jumped on it and I am extremely happy I did. I honestly didn't expect to be this happy with the mixer but after a couple weeks with it, I am ecstatic! The onboard FX and compressor are definitely usable, the options this thing has is nothing short of comprehensive for me. It has every possible routing I can even imagine I would need. Between the bluetooth, USB connection from a PC and a USB stick slot, media playback is a breeze. I have also run a couple mics, along with a piece of analog gear and everything sounds great"

Studio or the stage, this Peavey mixer is the perfect audio solution. Discover the ecstasy of feeling every heart in the crowd pound to your beats with the peavey PV 10 AT 20US. Order your own Peavey mixer today for only $399 from our website.

Odyssey FZGS 12CD WRBL Low Profile Glide Style 10″ Format DJ Mixer

Before you're rocking the stage with your outstanding skills as a bona fide DJ you'll have to put in the hard and time even when no one is applauding you. For this formative period of your journey, the Odyssey FZGS 12CD WRBL Low Profile DJ mixer will certainly be the much-needed beginner's luck for you. Let's see why this can be the choice you'll never regret.

What it can really do 

This odyssey low profile is a decent 4-channel mixer that comes with two large format tabletop CD/media players. The glider-style coffin may mean your setup takes up a significant amount of space but it makes it super convenient to place your laptop or any other hardware right in front. It looks good with your setup and most importantly it doesn't get in the way of your jam. Other than that, you have all the necessary features like the crossfader, EQ knobs, effect section, and more. 

Insanely Long Lasting 

Carrying around a forty-pound mixer isn't the most exciting part of DJing even if you hit the gym regularly. That's why the Odyssey low-profile conveniently comes with a rugged pair of roller wheels. Other features which add to its portability are the 90-degree handles present on the lid, recessed latches, and spring-loaded handles. The Odyssey was designed to be a DJ's companion from rock bottom to a musical sensation which means that after outstanding performance being the first priority, the second one was impeccable durability. Thanks to its heavy-duty ball corner its edges will not deform on impact, keeping it presentable for a long time.

Budget Friendly

 With everything the Odyssey offers it is still one of the highly cost-efficient DJ mixers out there. In only $499 you can get on with your dreams with the Odyssey FZGS12CDJW RBL Low Profile Format DJ Mixer.
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