10 Most Popular DJ Mixers You Have To Know About Under $500

1.    Reloop AMS-RMX-10BT 2-Channel Bluetooth Dj Mixer In Compact Design

Everyone prefers a product that is multifunctional and well designed, and the Reloop Mixer is not one to disappoint!


Not only is 2-channel Bluetooth connectivity built into the incredible product, but it also gives users flexible Bluetooth routing options on both channels. This low price DJ mixer comes with a 6.3mm headphones output that has a cue mix function, and it even has a 6.3 mm microphone input with amazing volume control. The master LED level chains are another added feature in this incredibly diverse product, and it also has a 45 mm crossfader, with two premium quality smooth running line faders that give you the ability to mix your music seamlessly.

Product Specifications:

Every DJ mixer for sale in the marketplace today has a different set of specifications, and before jumping in and buying your newest piece, it is important to make sure you’re aware of all the system requirements.

This specific product weighs 1.72 kg, and has a power consumption of approximately 3.5 W. It has standard outputs such as Master RCA and regular RCA, as well as a headphones jack. In addition, the package for this incredible mixer also contains a power cord and additional operating instructions.

If you are looking for an inexpensive Spotify mixer that is within your price range, this is the perfect product for you!


2.     Allen & Heath ZED-10 Multipurpose Small Band Mixer

The best thing about it is that it can be used within the studio and also be utilized for recording live sessions. Not only is it versatile in this sense, but it is also incredibly convenient to use, as it comes with a USB device which is configurable and allows the users to easily capture any kind of sound they want.

Got musical instruments? No problem!

The incredible Allen Heath Zed mixer gives you the option to plug in your guitar into your keyboard too! Simply use the high-impedance inputs and attach the two stereo inputs for CD players and for keyboards too.


In most music production settings within this day and age, it is a basic requirement to get audio from your computer. The Zed mixer makes this process run smoothly and efficiently, as it allows you to connect the USB lead to the device. Simply ensure that you select the USB routing option on your mixer, and you’re good to go! The device has level control features on every single input, and there are also stereo monitor outs present.

Product Specifications

This incredible product is truly part of the elite class of DJ mixers as it has an added USB type cable which allows the users to connect the device easily to a computer. Additionally, the multiple outputs and inputs make it very enticing to future buyers. The 1 and ¼ inch headphones also make it exceptionally attractive to most customers.


3.    Yorkville PGM8, 8-Channel DJ Mixer with Digital Effects and Graphic EQ

The DJ monitor in question has four separate mono input channels, which makes it very appealing for most customers. This incredible product is  definitely a game changer when it comes to the art of music production, and it has made a name for itself in the DJ mixer industry as it has so many mic inputs and such amazing sound quality.

If you are looking for an affordable DJ mixer, then this should definitely be on your list!



The Yorkville Mixer has an incredible 7 band stereo graphic EQ and it also has an added feature which sets it apart from most of the other mixers in the marketplace today. This product is fitted with a break switch, which has the capacity to mute all the input channels seamlessly. The 4 input channels are an added advantage, as well as the 2 additional line input channels.


Getting to know the specifications is just as important as hearing the price range of your chosen monitor, so make sure you don’t miss out!

This amazing product weighs around 3.8 kg and is constructed out of steel, ensuring that it will be a durable and long lasting DJ mixer. There are many added features, such as  footswitch for reverb effects, pan controls and channel overload protection too!


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4.    Behringer Xenyx 1202 FX, Premium 12-Input 2-Bus Mixer with XENYX Mic Preamps

The Behringer Xenyx mixer promises impeccable audio quality along with equalizers that work like a dream. It’s definitely not a product to miss out on!

 This is one of those premium quality products that promises ultra-low noise and has state of the art mic preamps.  Going above and beyond the other DJ mixers available on the marketplace of today, this incredible product promises superb mic quality, and it is perfect for those people who want to upgrade their live performances.


The Behringer Xenyx mixer is an incredible analog mixer fitted with a stereo FX processor that is studio grade and has up to 100 amazing presets, including but not limited to reverb, chorus, pitch shifter, delay and many many more! There are main mix outputs and even separate control rooms, along with phones and stereo CD outputs.

It has such an amazing set of Mic Preamps and such incredible quality sound, you will never look back!

Product Specifications

 This analog mixer has 8 channels and weighs only 3 lbs, making it a very lightweight product. With 4 main outputs, and different types of input options, 60 mm Master fader and 3 band mic preamps, the Behringer Xenyx mixer is sure to become one of your favorite products.


5.    Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 Scratch Style 2-Channel DJ Mixer for Serato DJ Pro

This amazing DJ music mixer is truly one of a kind, as it is extremely convenient to store due to it’s lightweight size. The construction is both sleek and sophisticated and it gives users the capacity to independently use the mic and the aux simultaneously.


The Pioneer DJ mixer is a top of the line product that incorporates many aspects of traditional DJ mixers and even has some added features that set it apart from the crowd. The integrated stereo sound card promises impeccable audio quality and the independent Sound Color channel allows users to utilize the low pass and high pass filtering features. Additionally, the Independent mic section enables DJ’s to use the aux input and microphone at the same time.

Make your mark in the DJ scene with this incredible mixer!

Product Specification

This incredible device has 3 line inputs and even a USB port which allows you to seamlessly connect the Pioneer DJ mixer to other smartphones or android devices. The outputs include 1 Master XLR, 1 Master RCA and 2 headphone monitor outputs.


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6.    Art TUBEMIX 5-Channel DJ Mixer with USB and Assignable Tube

The Art Tubemix is an incredible 5 channel DJ mixer with amazing features that is perfect for any occasion!

The best thing about this incredible product is that it has a very comprehensive and versatile output section, which enables a separate stereo monitor mix on the main buss and also allows you to record whatever you want on the aux buss as per your requirements.


The Art Tubemix is a one of a kind DJ mixer and it’s impressive features will definitely put the competition to shame! The headphone section and flexible control room enables routing in order to monitor the main mix. Along with that, it also has the added advantage of having USB input for flexible connection with other devices. The aux also helps with this, ensuring that this amazing device will definitely come in handy on multiple different occasions.


This tube preamp mixer has 5 different channels and also contains two different mic preamp input options. The 5.5 lbs product is lightweight and easy to transport, and the incredible range of options available makes it appealing for most customers. There are 3 inputs and 2 outputs as well as aux ends and USB connection options.

If you are looking for a DJ mixer with an audio interface that is compact and comprehensive, the Art Tubemix is perfect for you!


7.    LD Systems VIBZ 12 DC 12 Channel Mixing Console with DFX and Compressor

Knock it out of the park and elevate your game with this powerful DJ mixer!

The LD systems mixer is an incredible high power mixer with amazing quality amplifiers, an effective 3 band EQ and a low cut filter.


The LD systems mixer has a master section which contains two different effect loops and has group and monitor outputs, balanced XLR outputs and even a headphone jack. There is a comprehensive and versatile Digital Effects section which contains around 100 presets. There is a sliding adjustable compressor, and also dedicated stereo channels that have 2-band EQ.

Product Specifications

The best quality about the LD systems mixer is that it has a built in power supply and a whole range of different output options. With 6 microphone channels and headphone outputs, this amazing mixer is surely going to be one of your favorites in no time at all. Weighing at around 9.2 lbs, this heavy duty mixer consumes 30 W of power and connects to IEC power sockets.

DJ mixers come in many different shapes and forms, but this is one you surely won’t want to miss!


8.    Mackie Onyx8, 8-Channel Premium Analog DJ Mixer with Multitrack USB

If you want professional quality audio and Bluetooth access, then this Spotify Mixer is definitely the one for you!

This mixer has an amazing professional FX processor with award winning Mic preamps which are perfect for delivering studio level sound. Additionally, the amazing high visibility and high contrast controls make it a great addition to any professional DJ’s collection.


The Mackie mixer is perfectly designed to be the ultimate professional DJ mixer and it has an amazing set of features. It has 8 different channels, each of which has an overload indicator, and also has a headphone output with its own dedicated level control function. There is a Bluetooth streaming function and also controls with high contrast. The best thing about this amazing product is that it allows you to record and playback your tracks using an SD card or a USB device.

Product Specifications

This 7 lbs analog mixer is truly an innovative product that will surely become a new fan favorite in the DJ scene. The Mackie mixer has innovative circuitry and boasts a 3-band design which is based on British EQ. There is a dedicated EQ which allows tonal control and allows you to modify your audio using a color display. There are sections for vintage sound and modern performance, as well as a Studio Command section with a full color display.

If you want to expand on your arsenal as an expert level DJ, then the Mackie mixer should definitely be on your list of devices.


9.    Odyssey FZGSL12CDJWRBL Low Profile Glide Style 10″ Format DJ Mixer

Looking for a DJ mixer on wheels? We’ve got you covered! The Odyssey Mixer is perfect for you!

The best thing about this mixer is that it has added roller wheels attached which give you a convenient option and allow you to transport this mixer with ease. With rubber feet on the bottom and amazing V-cut removable front access panels, this amazing product puts the competition to shame.


The Odyssey mixer is a heavy duty, premium quality mixer with an impressible sound quality and attractive features. The device has two large format table top media players on the top and there is also a large 12 inch format mixer.

Product Specifications

This incredibly sleek and sophisticated DJ mixer has all black anodized aluminum hardware and features a patented laptop gliding platform, which makes it very unique compared to the other products available in the marketplace today. The 43 lbs mixer has recessed handles and latches for easy grip and also boasts a set of spring loaded handles. The access ports are conveniently accessible, and they are easy to reach as they are placed on the back of the case.


10. Peavey PV 14 AT, 14 Channel Compact Mixer with Bluetooth and Antares Auto-Tune

DJ mixers have never been as rugged as this amazing one-of-a-kind auto-tune mixer!

The Peavey mixer is one step ahead of the other products on the market because it has the capacity to utilize Antares autotune technology and ensure that the singer can get their vocals just right. The incredible LCD display has built in digital effects too, which ensures that this product is surely going to become the talk of the town.


The Peavey mixer has a boatload of incredible features that make it a very appealing product. The Bluetooth allows convenient connectivity across a whole host of different devices, and the Direct out per channel enables you to connect the mixer to DAW devices to ensure that you can record your sessions with ease. With 4 channels of auto tune and 8 channels of direct out and a ster pan control in every channel, this device is extremely hard to resist.

Want to know the best part? This mixer can also stream audio directly to a personal computer and also allows MP3 playback.

Product Specifications

The Peavey mixer is perfect for stage or studio and also contains a built-in tablet cradle which allows users to place their android devices easily onto the mixer. Along with this, it also has an audio enhancement feature and an on board guitar preamp.

Use this mixer if you want to enhance your amazing singing skills at your next DJ session!

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