DJ Equipment List -  DJ Controllers and DJ Gear

If you're interested in becoming a DJ, you may be wondering what DJ equipment you need to get started.

To help you out or to fulfill your DJ Hobby here's a comprehensive list of essential DJ Equipment Best Buy and DJ Gear, along with a brief description of what each item does.
Here are the DJ Equipment basics:

DJ Equipment Packages
Stand Alone All In One DJ Controller Mixers
DJ Controller
Audio Source
DJ Mixer
DJ Headphones
DJ Lighting


Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ Professional All-In-One DJ Controller System for Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro

What is an All in one Stand Alone DJ Mixer, Controller System?

An all in one DJ system is just that, includes the mixer, controller and all the DJ Accessories. It even host the music with a USB drive! Yep, you don't even need a laptop unless you want to add one for a more robust display.

A Stand alone DJ controller like the XDJ series from Pioneer has some killer features like a high end beatpad system built in. Use the Beat FX, Sound Color FX pads while creating tracks or performing. You can tigger software-specific features using the brightly multicolored Performance Pads. These are so much fun to use and build beats with in the studio and live performance.

This makes things much simpler for a professional proper DJ setup that's super easy to setup and just works. Having a stand alone Digital DJ Controller Mixer system is the way to go if you can afford it.

All in one DJ setups are kinda expensive but that's all you need and allows you to focus on your music and less on all the gear, cables and component communication stuff. 

DJ Girl how to DJ

What is a DJ Controller?

A DJ Controller is a way to control DJ Software on a Laptop. Most modern DJ’s are using a controller with a laptop as it’s a much leaner setup and easier to transport. Not only that but it’s much more convenient to use. The DJ Controller can actually scratch like a record player, cue media and play music files and even add effects. It can also be used to create beats on the fly during a performance. 

You can sync your controller to your lighting setup for a light show that moves with your music. The controls on a DJ Controller include: jog wheels, push buttons, faders all of which are generally configurable to the way you want to perform. It can also be used to “scratch” with the job wheels or by attaching a record player with a time code album.

The time code album can be used the cue tracks and scratch and you can use that with your favorite track, just like a physical record. This means you won’t have to bring your record collection to the show because you’ll be able to reference them digitally on your controller and timecode record setup.

Pioneer DDJ1000-SRT Controller

There two most popular DJ software on the market are Serato and Rekordbox.  You’ll want to make sure you get a controller that works with the software you prefer. The controller will typically only work with one type of software properly, the one it was designed for.

Pioneer DJ Controllers are by far the most popular on the market. The Pioneer DDJ 1000 and DDJ-1000SRT Serato Edition are top of the line in 2020. The Hercules DJ Controllers are entry-level and a good choice for beginners that want to experiment without too much commitment.

Denon also makes a few DJ Controllers which are very high end including the Denon DJ Prime 4. Rane also has its Seventy Two and Two Premium System for professionals who want the best DJ Controller.

Some very popular and less expensive Pioneer DJ Controllers are the Pioneer Rev1 DJ Controller, the Pioneer FLX6 4 Channel DJ Controller or the new Pioneer FLX4 2 Channel Controller.

Why do I want a 2 Channel or 4 Channel DJ Controller? If you're a beginner DJ just starting out a 2 Channel Controller is probably fine. You can mix 2 audio sources and do the basics. If you want to have more than 2 audio sources for your mixes you'll want to get a 4 channel DJ controller instead of a 2. Keep in mind 4-Channel DJ Controllers are awesome but they are way more expensive. 

DJ Media Player

What is a DJ Audio Source?

This is essentially your input devices. As a DJ you are bring the party with songs you love to creatively enhance the party or event where you are performing. DJ’s use anything from a CD Player or Record Player to a Laptop Computer or DJ Media Player that provides program for the dj to mix, scratch, cut and even remix creatively with effects. Digital devices like laptops enable DJ’s to have much more preset playlists and settings and have more control and consistency over their set.

What is a DJ Mixer

What is a DJ Mixer?

A mixer is used to switch between two audio tracks playing simultaneously. For example when you want to transition from one song to the next. This is done using a crossfader and is the key component of a DJ mixer.

DJ mixers can have media players attached to them or built in or the old school DJ mixers can be used with record players for purists.

The faders on a mixer can be used to create scratch effects by adjusting the volume during scratching on the record or digital job wheel. Having a nice mixer makes a huge difference if you're a more serious DJ that wants killer scratching effects during the show performance or involved in DJ scratch battles, yep they are thing . 

Pioneer HDJ X10 DJ Headphones

What are DJ Headphones?

DJ Headphones can be any closed back design headphones but the sound quality will certainly vary. Open back design allows too much ambient noise in the ear and are not a good choice for live performing. If all you have are open back they will work for practicing your cuts at the lap but not a good choice for the club where the noise from the PA is going to overpower them and it will be hard to hear anything. If possible get some noise cancelling, those are the best, so you can focus clearly on your cue’s without noise interference from the club. Here are some examples of the best DJ Headphones we sell at the shop. 

Mackie Thump Speakers

What are the best DJ Speakers? DJ Headphones?

DJ Monitors - There are two types of DJ speakers you may need. The first is DJ Monitors. These are studio monitors that have a clean and accurate sound to test your mixes on. If you are a remix DJ or recording artist these are essential. If you’ll mainly be performing at the club and you’re on a budget you might be able to skip these at first and just use headphones. It is however much more fun to mix and practice with studio monitors over headphones, it’s also easier to share your mix with other DJ’s at your lab, or practice spot.

DJ Loudspeakers - PA System: The other type of DJ Speakers are PA Speakers or Pro Audio Speakers. These are loudspeakers created for high power handling and typically include heavy subwoofers to get the crowd moving. If you’re playing house parties which is inevitable at first, you’ll want to look at some basic powered dj speakers. If you’re on a budget, some of the best dj speakers to choose are the QSC K12.2 speakers if you want super clean loud sound and you have the budget.  We offer a QSC K12.2 Speaker package with everything you need here.

If your like most DJ's you're probably on a budget, Mackie has some price friendly options which are Bluetooth capable and easy to setup and will get you started. Having speakers that are easy to setup and sound great make doing house parties and events much simpler and more fun.

If you’re looking to do weddings and larger events you’ll need to have some DJ subwoofers of some kind. The price of high quality subwoofers has come down over the years and they even come with build in high powered class D amps that are clean and much lighter than the typical class A.

You may not need to get any loudspeakers if you’re only playing clubs, they will typically have their own sound setup.

DJ Beginner Packages Studio

Looking to save some cash and get everything you need in one package? There are many different packages available that can save you money and also get you everything you need. DJ Equipment Packages.

The package above has headphones, studio DJ speakers, cables simple controller and all you need is a decent laptop. Make sure if you want loudspeakers for performing with higher volume to get the appropriate loudspeakers instead of studio monitors as shown above.

Professional DJ Equipment Packages

Professional DJ Equipment Bundle Package

Here's a more professional club-style package featuring a full speaker system for performing house parties or clubs. It comes with separate CDJ-3000 Media Players and all of the cables, stands, and speakers you'll need. This is some of the most popular equipment from top DJ brands like Pioneer DJ

Click here for a full list of DJ Packages ready to go.

Chauvet DJ Lighting System

What is DJ Lighting?

When you’re on a stage performing your set, you’ll want to make sure to set the mood. That’s exactly what dj lighting systems do. These days modern DJ's are using LED Par Lights which are very light and portable. To increase the excitement of the show you can add effects like Scorpion Laser Effect Lights, Chauvet DJ Swarm or a traditional disco mirror ball. For high end DJ shows in larger venues the Moving Head Lights are very popular. They can be synchronized together and controlled by a special dj lighting controller. DJ’s also use DJ Video Panels which can present video content and are modular. This means you can configure these panels in huge arrays for large events like products launches, concerts and more.

Hollywood DJ Specializes in DJ Gear and Lighting Equipment online and in the Los Angeles Area. HDJ has the largest dedicated DJ Lighting Showroom in the United States. Call us anytime with questions about getting setup with DJ Gear at 1-800-700-4542, we’re happy to help.

Here's a very informative video on what equipment it takes to be a live DJ.

DJ Lighting Packages

Gigbar DJ Lighting System Complete with Case

Here's one of our most popular DJ Lighting Packages that includes everything you need for a high-quality DJ light show that's easy to use and looks awesome.

Checkout this link for Complete DJ Packages with Audio Source, DJ Controller, Mixer and DJ Speaker Systems with everything you need to get started.

What equipment should a DJ have?

A DJ's equipment can vary depending on their specific needs and style of music, but there are a few essential pieces of gear that every DJ should have. The most important piece of equipment is a DJ controller, which is used to control the music and manipulate it in real-time. A laptop is also necessary to store and play music, as well as to run the DJ software. A good pair of headphones is essential for cueing tracks and listening for the nuances of a mix. A sound system is also necessary for playing the music for the audience, which includes speakers, an amplifier, and cables.

What do you need for Beginners DJ?

For a beginner DJ, the most important piece of equipment is a DJ controller, which is a hardware device that allows you to manipulate the music and control the software. You'll also need a laptop, headphones, and DJ software. There are several affordable options for beginner DJs, and many DJ controllers come with built-in sound cards, which eliminate the need for a separate audio interface.

How much is professional DJ equipment?

Professional DJ equipment can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the specific gear and the quality of the components. A high-end DJ controller can cost upwards of $1,000, and a good pair of DJ headphones can range from $100 to $300. A sound system can be even more expensive, with speakers, amplifiers, and cabling costing thousands of dollars. However, there are many affordable options available, and it's possible to build a professional-quality setup without breaking the bank.

What are DJ machines called?

The most common piece of equipment used by DJs is a DJ controller, which is a hardware device that allows you to control the music and manipulate it in real-time. Some DJs also use standalone hardware devices like CDJ players, which are used to play CDs and USB drives, and turntables, which are used to play vinyl records. However, these devices are less common than they used to be, as many DJs have switched to using digital music files.

What is a typical DJ setup?

A typical DJ setup includes a DJ controller, a laptop, headphones, and a sound system, which includes speakers, an amplifier, and cables. The DJ controller is used to manipulate the music and control the software, while the laptop is used to store and play the music. The headphones are used to cue tracks and listen for the nuances of the mix, and the sound system is used to play the music for the audience.

Do you need 4 decks to DJ?

No, you don't need four decks to DJ, but it can be useful for certain types of DJing. A standard DJ setup includes two decks, which are used to play two tracks simultaneously and mix them together. However, some DJs use four decks to create more complex mixes, layering multiple tracks on top of each other.

Is DJing lonely?

DJing can be a solitary pursuit, as many DJs spend long hours practicing and preparing for gigs on their own. However, it can also be a very social activity, as DJs often work with other musicians and interact with their audience while performing.

What DJs should not do?

There are several things that DJs should avoid doing, including playing inappropriate or offensive music, overusing effects and gimmicks, neglecting to read the crowd and adjust their set accordingly, and failing to prepare for their gigs properly.

How long should first DJ set be?

The length of a first DJ set can vary depending on the specific gig, but it's usually best to start with a shorter set to get comfortable with the equipment and the crowd. A typical set for a beginner DJ might be 30 minutes to an hour, but it can be longer or shorter depending on the circumstances. It's important to communicate with the event organizer to understand the expected length of the set and to prepare accordingly. As a DJ gains more experience, they can play longer sets and have more control over the music selection and the energy of the crowd.

Beyond the thrill of playing incredible music and commanding dance floors, there's the allure of a promising DJ salary. With dedication, skill, and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, DJs have the potential to earn a rewarding income doing what they love. Join the ranks of successful DJs who have turned their passion into a lucrative career.

What's included in a DJ package?

A DJ package can include a variety of different pieces of equipment, depending on the specific package and the needs of the DJ. Some DJ packages include a controller, a laptop, and headphones, while others may also include a sound system, speakers, and an amplifier. The specific gear included in a package will depend on the budget and preferences of the DJ, as well as the requirements of the event.

Can you DJ with just a laptop?

It is possible to DJ with just a laptop, but it's not recommended for most situations. A laptop alone does not provide a tactile interface for controlling the music, and it can be difficult to cue tracks and make precise adjustments without a dedicated controller. However, there are DJ software programs that are designed to be used with just a laptop and can provide a basic level of control over the music.

Do DJs still use vinyl?

While many DJs have switched to digital music files, there is still a community of DJs who use vinyl records. Vinyl has a unique sound and feel that some DJs prefer, and there is a certain level of skill required to DJ with vinyl that is not necessary when using digital files. However, vinyl is less common than it used to be, and it can be more difficult and expensive to find and maintain a vinyl-based setup.

How do DJs get their music?

DJs get their music from a variety of sources, including online music stores, record pools, and music sharing websites. Some DJs also receive promo tracks directly from record labels or artists. It's important for DJs to ensure they have the necessary licenses and permissions to play music in a public setting.

How do DJs mix songs?

DJs mix songs by using various techniques to seamlessly blend one song into the next. This can involve matching the tempo of two songs, adjusting the levels of the tracks, and using effects and filters to create a smooth transition. DJs also use cues and loops to keep the music flowing smoothly and to create new remixes on the fly.

What is a DJ rider?

A DJ rider is a document that outlines the requirements and expectations for a DJ's performance at an event. This can include technical specifications for equipment and sound systems, as well as requirements for transportation, accommodations, and other logistics. A rider helps to ensure that the DJ is able to perform at their best and that their needs are met during the event.

How do DJs interact with the crowd?

DJs interact with the crowd by reading the energy of the audience and adjusting the music and the tempo to match. They may also use their microphone to make announcements, hype up the crowd, or introduce special guests. DJs may also use visual effects or lighting to enhance the mood and create a more engaging atmosphere.

What is beatmatching?

Beatmatching is the process of aligning the tempo of two songs so that they can be mixed seamlessly together. This is a fundamental skill for DJs, as it allows them to create smooth transitions between tracks and to maintain the energy of the crowd. Beatmatching can be done manually or with the help of specialized software or hardware.

What is a DJ controller?

A DJ controller is a piece of hardware that allows a DJ to control their music using a tactile interface. Controllers typically include a set of jog wheels, faders, knobs, and buttons that allow the DJ to manipulate the music in real-time. Many controllers also include built-in sound cards and other features that allow the DJ to mix and perform using just the controller and a laptop.

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Best wedding dj Sydney

Best wedding dj Sydney

I sincerely hope it will benefit a lot of people. If you’re thinking about starting a DJ career, you might be wondering what gear is necessary. Here is a thorough list of the Best Buy and DJ Gear essentials, along with a brief description of each item’s function, to help you satisfy your DJ hobby. A complete DJ system consists of the mixer, controller, and other DJ accessories in one package. In the future, please continue to share such insightful writings; I appreciate it. You must also check out it has some great insights too.



I want to invest in a nice DJ setup. Speakers, all in one mixer, headphones, DJ casket, microphones and whatever else I need for a nice setup. @Jazzymanagement

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